I am a curmudgeon, sort of….

The Webster-Merriam definition of a curmudgeon is “a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man.” I’m not sure I meet that definition, since I am only 70 years old, not the least bit ill-tempered and the only crustiness I have is in my nose. Nevertheless, I did choose this title, so that readers can approach with an expectation of being offended by my musings to some degree.

Since I am 70, and recovering from a stroke, I walk funny and my balance is off, all of which give an appearance of harmlessness. Appearances can be deceiving though, because I am actually a very dangerous person. Dangerous in what way?¬†I have no desire for popularity or agreement, little tolerance for wishful thinking or self-pity, and simply cannot be offended or cowed by either insults or accusations! So beware readers, I am coming at you with 6 barrels¬†(think “minigun” rather than shotgun).