I infiltrated ISIS — here’s how I was instructed to carry out a terrorist attack, and other assorted Islamist shit.

From Business Insider, 2017. My comments, as usual, are in italics.

How does ISIS recruit its attackers in Germany? What are the last instructions before the terrorists strike and kill as many innocent people as possible? For months, BILD reporter Björn Stritzel pretended to be an Islamist willing to carry out an attack (always in consultation with the security authorities).

My mobile phone vibrates just before midnight. For some months, nobody had been in touch with me. Now it’s the German “brother” again. He wants to remind me of my duty. My duty to engage in a murderous attack. “I hope you are in best Iman,” he writes in the typical jihadist jargon. “We had some internet trouble, so we were unable to contact you for a while.”


The German again pushes me to strike soon. Every day that passes without an attack is dangerous, he says, because the “kuffar police” – the police of the “disbelievers” – could foil my plan. “Just grab a knife and slay your neighbour – they don’t expect that!”

Eventually, another German-speaking ISIS terrorist contacts me. He says he knows from the German “brother” that I want to carry out an attack and wants to help me.

There is evidence that this is a familiar and infamous jihadist: the Austrian Mohamed Mahmoud aka Abu Usama al-Gharib. Mahmoud was imprisoned from 2007 to 2011 because of his propaganda activities for al-Qaida. After his release, he went to Germany, where he managed the jihadist group Millatu Ibrahim, together with the German Denis Cuspert. The group was the decisive organiser of the clashes in Solingen. In 2012, the Minister of the Interior banned Millatu Ibrahim. The core circle surrounding Cuspert and Mahmoud first moved to Egypt and Libya before joining ISIS in Syria. Mahmoud’s most infamous appearance took place in the ancient ruined city of Palmyra in the summer of 2015. The first entirely German-language ISIS video shows Mahmoud and the jihadist Yamin Abou-Zand from Bonn shoot two prisoners. Mahmoud called for attacks in Germany even back then. One year later, he believed he had found a “brother” who was willing to carry out an attack.

Images distributed by Islamic State militants on social media in August 2015 purported to show the purposeful destruction of an ancient temple in Palmyra with explosives. Reuters What Mahmoud does not know: he already had an argument with this pretend-brother. I had written an article about him over a year ago. Mahmoud then invited me to come to Syria – where he was waiting in order to cut my head off. Now he urges me to finally strike against the disbelievers. I tell him that my attempts at building a bomb have failed. However, D. – the name which Mahmoud is probably hiding behind – has advice: “We are happy to help. Look, akhi, give up building a bomb, that is too dangerous, and a small mistake will ruin everything. It is better if you hire a car, or if you take one from somewhere and drive into a crowd.”

In order to buy time, I explain that I do not have a driver’s licence. The instructor of Riaz Ahmadzai – the ISIS attacker from Würzburg – also wanted to talk him into a car attack. But Ahmadzai had no driver’s licence. So what? What’s the penalty for driving without a license after you have deliberately run down pedestrians?? In the end, he used an axe and injured five people on a regional train. When I ask again whether he could help me build a bomb, D. – aka Mahmoud – becomes angry: “Look, the brother who did the attack in Ansbach only killed himself and no kuffar.”

Mohammed Daleel, who blew himself up in Ansbach, was repeatedly publicly celebrated by ISIS as a “martyr” and “soldier of the Islamic state”. In truth, however, the terror group’s instructors seem to regard the attack of the “noble knight” as a failed operation, because no “kuffar” were killed. However, ISIS would never publicly admit that, because it would damage the reputation of their “martyr”.

So D. tries to convince me of a different idea. “Today, a video will be released, inshallah, that will show you how to do various things. The video will explain to you in detail how to handle a knife.” A few hours later, the official ISIS media department publishes a video from Raqqa. The video is among the most brutal things that the terror organisation has ever published.”

As if this isn’t enough Islamist shit to last your lifetime, here is another item.

Palestinian Authority now uses half of all foreign aid to reward terror.

Your tax dollars at work: The Palestinian Authority is now using half of its foreign aid to reward terrorism. The new PA budget boosts support to terrorists in prison by 13 percent and aid for the families of those killed “in the struggle against Zion” 4 percent, reports the Institute for Contemporary Affairs.

The total, $344 million, equals 49.6 percent of all foreign aid to the PA. In other words, cash from Uncle Sam, Europe and even Israel is subsidizing “welfare for terrorists.” The PA sends a salary to each Palestinian imprisoned for an attack on Israelis, hitting over $3,000 a month after 30 years. Other stipends go to families of “martyrs” killed in the act. That’s $344 million for 2017 that’s not going to build roads or hospitals.

Knowing that you or your family will be taken care of is a clear incentive to kill. That’s why President Trump is threatening to end US aid if the PA doesn’t quit it.

Okay, I give in. Where do I sign up for Islamist life insurance? (see next post) Where do I get this license to kill and maim anyone with whom I disagree? I am sick and tired of seeing money wasted on the sick, the old, the crippled, the children and anything other than guns, bombs, acid, and food, the last strictly for Shaheeds and their families. 

Why would a revered, brilliant author, who lived at the highest human level for intelligence and consciousness, off himself?

NY Times, Sept. 14, 2008. “David Foster Wallace, whose prodigiously observant, exuberantly plotted, grammatically and etymologically challenging, philosophically probing and culturally hyper-contemporary novels, stories and essays made him an heir to modern virtuosos like Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo, an experimental contemporary of William T. Vollmann, Mark Leyner and Nicholson Baker and a clear influence on younger tour-de-force stylists like Dave Eggers and Jonathan Safran Foer, died on Friday at his home in Claremont, Calif. He was 46.

“A spokeswoman for the Claremont police said Mr. Wallace’s wife, Karen Green, returned home to find that her husband had hanged himself. Mr. Wallace’s father, James Donald Wallace, said in an interview on Sunday that his son had been severely depressed for a number of months.

“A versatile writer of seemingly bottomless energy, Mr. Wallace was a maximalist, exhibiting in his work a huge, even manic curiosity — about the physical world, about the much larger universe of human feelings and about the complexity of living in America at the end of the 20th century. He wrote long books, complete with reflective and often hilariously self-conscious footnotes, and he wrote long sentences, with the playfulness of a master punctuater and the inventiveness of a genius grammarian. Critics often noted that he was not only an experimenter and a showoff, but also a God-fearing moralist with a fierce honesty in confronting the existence of contradiction.

“David Foster Wallace can do practically anything if he puts his mind to it,” Michiko Kakutani, chief book critic of The New York Times, who was not a consistent praiser of Mr. Wallace’s work, wrote in 2006. “He can do sad, funny, silly, heartbreaking and absurd with equal ease; he can even do them all at once.”

Read his incredible commencement address at Kenyon College in 2005. This is water Note that the NYT calls him a “God-fearing moralist….” Whatever god he feared, or believed in, was not enough to give his life enough meaning that he would prefer to keep it, rather than take it. What a lesson! He said in his speech, and I paraphrase, “we have no choice but to worship–it is hard-wired–but only the choice what to worship.” I might add, our choice is between only 2 options: WE CAN WORSHIP THE CREATOR, or creations. The former leads to eternal life with THE CREATOR, the latter to ultimate futility and an eternal something with….well DFW found out. I hope you do not.