Charlottesville IV: If President Trump resigned, would it matter?

There is probably no better way to test the sincerity and truthfulness of the radical left in the USA, and that of their allies in the media, than for President Trump to resign, and VP Mike Pence become President (assuming he would want to be). What do you think would happen? Would his enemies then breathe a sigh of relief and, given that Mike Pence is the “anti-Trump” in terms of the complainants, say “great, he cares about the country, let’s rally behind an upright man who can help heal the rifts that Charlottesville exposed?” Maybe. Or what? Before speculating here’s a piece by Eric Erickson in

“The Trump Presidency is very good for ratings. The media loves it. The media loves the chaos and President Trump loves ratings. But the United States of America is not a reality TV show and the measure of a successful Presidency is not ratings and Time magazine covers, but a society that conducts itself orderly, lawfully, and with sanity.

“There are those who can never and will never give the President credit for anything. They will not acknowledge problems not of his making and they will not acknowledge the few competencies this Administration has show.

“But there are those who cannot acknowledge anything wrong. They think everything is fine as the nation burns around them. They apologize for and defend the President’s every utterance, thinking to correct him, admonish him, or state the obvious is to help the other side.

“Both sides are fighting and on top of that we have Antifa activists on one side throwing molotov cocktails and threatening to harm people and we have neo-Nazis on the other running people over in the street. While all of this is going on and the nation is distracted with activists tearing down statues without permission, we have a law enforcement system that is less and less enforcing the law. This is a big difference from the riots and protests of the sixties when police insisted on keeping law and order. Now police in Durham and elsewhere are letting the fights break out and the damage be done. They’re working clean up instead of preventing the messes in the first place.

“If that was not enough North Korea is going nuclear, Iran is plotting a nuclear strategy while the former President’s advisers deny it, China is trying to expand further into South America through businesses and mining rights as well as stretching its land grabs in the South China Sea, and Russia covets Eastern Europe relentlessly.

“And our President? The man is not in his right mind. Compare the Donald Trump of 1999 who talked to Tim Russert about North Korea with the current President. They are not the same man. It is Invasion of the Brain Snatchers. The current President is not so much the President of the United States as he is a C-List actor doing a Spaghetti Western impression of what a President of the United States might sound and act like. The rest of the world is looking on this with amazement and, in some quarters, delight.

“This is not sustainable. Something is going to have to give. I do not know what, but something will give. The nation cannot sustain this constant state of chaos and crisis drift for three and a half more years. We will either see external or internal forces applied that will hurt the nation.

“This is not sustainable and if the President cannot figure out how to operate, he needs to step aside. Instead, he thrives on the chaos, the punch back, and media yes men telling him nothing is wrong and his poop does not stink. But while the President thrives, every day a piece of our national unity dies. And I don’t care whether you blame the left for refusing to acknowledge the President’s presidency or you blame the President for refusing to behave as you think a President should — this situation is not sustainable regardless of where blame lies.

“As for me, I am increasingly convinced President Trump’s Presidency is doing more harm than good while, I might add, he accomplishes practically nothing, and I am increasingly convinced the leftwing agitators given moral clout by the media are doing more harm than good. The white supremacists are actually small in number and hated by everyone (except possibly the President and Steve Bannon). But Antifa is as violent and loved by the left, or at least tolerated. The President and Antifa both on the national stage is a toxic combination and as neither will be departing any time soon, the nation itself will atrophy in prestige and ability. Personally, I’m thinking of expanding my garden, filling my freezer, and stockpiling ammo. Something wicked this way comes and it is almost here.”

While I agree that it would do more good than harm if President Trump resigned, what would be the best way to do it, what to say? Here is what I would recommend if I were one of his advisors: “Due in good measure to my own stubbornness, hubris and combativeness, I have turned many sincere people against my policies, and me personally. What may work in the real estate business–boldness, aggressiveness and even ruthlessness–does not work for a political leader, especially the President of the United States. I love our country and truly want to see the USA be great, and I do not seem to be the one to lead us in that direction. Changing my methods and even my personality will not be enough to convince my opposition of my sincere desire to see the country heal. Therefore, the time has come for me to resign the Presidency of the United States, and to applaud our Constitutional process of transferring that office to the very capable hands of Vice President Mike Pence. Since Mike’s personality makes him the “anti-Trump” if you will, I know that those who object to me will applaud him and support his efforts.”

Some would applaud. What about Antifa? What about Black Lives Matter (BLM)? What about CNN, NY Times, Washington Post? Will they give up the power that their Trump animus has brought them? I hope we will find out. But first, the President has to humble himself. Will he? If he did, would any of his enemies applaud his awakening? If the last two questions end up with positive answers, I will be amazed, grateful, humbled, and I will praise the grownups.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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