Surrounded by sickness.

Lion cubs or martyr fodder?

On November 23 host Abu Shamsiya said on air, in comments translated Thursday by the Middle East Media Research Institute: “We say about the Palestinian martyr from Jerusalem Abdul Rahman Abu Jamal: ‘I am a Palestinian lion cub, planted in my land like the olive and fig trees. I have solid roots that go back to the Canaanites. The blood of the martyrs flows through my veins. I am like a lion in the battlefield. ‘When the drums of war are beaten, I harvest souls in the battlefield. I am the guard of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and of the [Dome of the] Rock. I never close my eyes or bow my head. I am a Palestinian lion cub and I am feared by the armies of betrayal. I am desired by the black-eyed virgins [of Paradise]. I have not sold out my country, nor have I surrendered my machine gun. Today, I carry my shrouds as the faith grows stronger in my heart that victory and liberation shall come at the hands of the lion cubs.”

Strong stuff! “Harvest souls, desired by the black-eyed virgins…..” You will have to pry his machine gun from his cold, dead hands. Obviously pro second amendment? Nope, Abdul Rahman Abu Jamal is the Palestinian 17 year old youth who stabbed four Israeli policemen in their own police station, after climbing a fence to get in. Not exactly a case of police brutality. What did he accomplish?

According to International Middle East Media Center, “An Israeli policewoman shot Jamal multiple times at the police station, which was built on Palestinian lands in Jabal al-Mokabber, seriously wounding him, and causing minor injuries to another police officer. Abu Jamal was moved to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, in Jerusalem, and remained in a critical condition until he succumbed to his wounds. Israeli sources claimed that three officers were lightly wounded in the same incident, and added that the medics “gave them first aid and took them to the hospital, fully conscious and in stable condition, and released them shortly after being admitted.”

Conflicting reports of what happened after the incident included arrests of some of his family, police chasing family members back to their home, plans to demolish their home. His list of accomplishments, for which the virgins will open their beds to him: “lightly wounding three police, losing his life, to a woman, getting family arrested, possibly demolition of his family’s home. This is a praiseworthy day for a martyr?

According to the Washington Post, no friend of Israel, “in the Palestinian Authority’s budget, one can find $350 million in annual payments to Palestinian prisoners, “martyrs’ and injured, but can one with certainty say they are all terrorists?” Do you have to? What will this “lion cub’s” family get paid? Hakim Awad, a notably more successful lion cub, or maybe a full grown lion, who is serving a life term in prison after killing five members of an Israeli family, gets $14,000/year, but since payments increase with length of incarceration, he could receive $1.9 million over his lifetime. Martyrdom could have saved the P.A. a lot of money, though the P.A. leadership already has more $$$ than they can spend, in Swiss bank accounts. I am not even counting money Hamas spends on killing and maiming non-combatants.

I’ve heard all the justifications, and so have you. Could the vast amount of money that the governing bodies of the Palestinians spend on destruction and themselves not be put to better use for their people living in squalor? Instead of a martyrs fund, how about a prosperity fund? Or at least a reasonable standard of living fund? The ordinary Palestinian is a victim…. of their own “leaders”.

Silly olympics, updated.

Among the many hilarious and absurd skits that Monty Python’s Flying Circus is known for, one of my favorites was the Silly Olympics. Some of the events were 100 meter dash for people lacking a sense of direction (the gun goes off and they run in every direction), 200 meter freestyle for people who can’t swim (gun goes off and they dive in a sink), 3,000 meter steeplechase for people who think they are chickens (they lay eggs on the track and get atop  the hurdles and crow)and my personal favorite, marathon for incontinence. The gun goes off to start the race, and the runners take off, only to detour en masse to the first conveniently placed bathroom. If you think that’s silly, it’s nothing compared to Twitter. Recently, Twitter banned a woman for saying “a man is not a woman.” As if that wasn’t silly enough, the platform threatened bans for anyone “misgendering” or “deadnaming”. What are those heinous offenses? Using the “wrong” pronoun, defined as the pronoun for a person’s birth and chromosomal sex rather than the sex they identify as (ex. Him for a man at birth who later identifies as a woman) and using the given or birth name rather than the name chosen after sex-appearance altering surgery. Notice I do NOT use the idiotic term “sex reassignment surgery” since sex is neither assigned nor reassigned. What unbelievable hubris that mere mortals, who have never created life–giving birth doesn’t count since that is God’s creating–dare to talk about a person’s sex as something that is “assigned “!

If MPFC’s Silly Olympics were re-imagined for 2018, what events might we see? Replacing the speed event, the 100 meters, would be tweeting “I will not misgender a deadname 100 times. Fastest to 100 wins. Replacing the 200 meter freestyle swim would be soaking 200 iPhones of Twitter deadnaming casualties. Extra points for drowning the owners. Replacing the 3,000 meter steeplechase would be chasing down actual chickens while blindfolded. Points only awarded if a competitor catches and identifies the gender of a chicken. Since the incontinence marathon is my favorite, we keep it, except that instead of men’s and women’s, any and every gender will compete together, and all will use the same bathroom. Anyone, regardless of gender, who can hold it in for the entire marathon wins automatically, no matter how many are able. If no one is able, fastest time wins.

I am trying to be absurd, but compared to what is actually going on with regards to the trans agenda, my Olympics can’t compete. Recently, the women’s center at university of Idaho had an identity crisis. Victoria Dilone, one of their blog writers, said she was notified over email about the removal of her post from Lysa Salsbury, director of the Women’s Center. Her post was the truth about Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement she was part of which gave rise to Planned Parenthood. “On more than one occasion, your personal views have been in direct conflict with one of the fundamental principles and tenets of feminism — that of choice,” Salsbury wrote in a Nov. 20 email to Dilone. Did I say identity crisis? Ms. Dilone’s post was factual and erudite, but when “choice” clashes with truth, truth is the casualty. That’s especially true when it comes to the trans express. Salisbury upbraded Ms. Dilone for daring to say “men can’t become women.” Salisbury said “sex is not due to anatomy or chromosomes.” What, pray tell, is it due to?

Dilone uploaded her original post the same day, entitled “The Birth Control Pill: An Unethical and Eugenic History,” on her own blog website. When the Women’s Center re-posted the article on Dec. 4, blog administrators explained the initial removal of the post was due to an error. No additional changes were made to the post once it had been reuploaded, Dilone said. The National Students for Life of America blog posted a story Dec. 2 regarding the initial removal. “The University of Idaho is in Moscow, Idaho, but the authoritarian mindset of the Women’s Center director fits better with Moscow, USSR,” wrote Matt Lamb, author of the blog. According to Dilone, Salsbury barred her from addressing any “hot button” issues in her final two blog posts, which will be completed in accordance to her internship with the Women’s Center. In a Nov. 15 email, Salsbury said readers would “not accept or be comfortable with” Dilone’s idea to write about diversity of Pro-Life movements. I must be mistaken, didn’t this very same person say “fundamental principles and tenets of feminism — that of choice”? I guess choice is being redefined, like so many other words.

The bottom line here is that falsehood in the service of an agenda hates debate, hates truth, hates dissent. That’s how you know it’s an agenda!