TRANSition to Health.

TRANS. A snippet of a word, yet I bet every reader of mine knows the snippet is shorthand for transsexual or transgender. Before I go further, I want to expose the agenda behind enforcement of this distinction. The agenda of the trans activists is: 1. Push the concept that gender is primarily a cultural construct, and reinforce the message by creating a new word for people who identify with their natural sex, that of cisgender; 2. Blur any distinction between sex and gender until people become comfortable with gender replacing sex in word usage, with the goal of disappearing the concept of biological sex; 3. Argue that once cultural pressure is removed, everyone is free to determine their own gender; 4. Reinforce #3 by desensitizing the public via insistence on unisex bathrooms; 5. Demonize objectors in every form of media, but especially Twitter, by the usual slurs: transphobic, insensitive, right wingers, selfish, uptight; 6. Pressure corporate boards to go along or risk the fury of every LGBTQ group and negative tweetstorms; 7. Introduce transfriendly educational materials into every possible school, and consult behind the scenes.

How do I know this is the agenda? It’s already taken place, with astonishing rapidity. What is the endgame, the true goal of replacing biological truths with a cultural agenda? I don’t pretend to know how such perverse thinking works, but read the previous sentence a few times. Perhaps power? Perhaps destruction of the species Homo sapiens? Perhaps an entire overhaul of civilization as we know it? Whether or not it’s ultimately successful will depend on how thoroughly you and I can be indoctrinated to accept #1 of the agenda. If that foundation goes, the rest will crumble.

Webster’s online dictionary defines medical gender as: the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex. This is the SECOND definition. The first definition is simply: sex. At first glance, we might be inclined to agree with trans advocates that gender and sex are different, as long as we confined ourselves to only the second definition. But the whole equation changes when a person of one sex transitions, a polite word meaning changes outward appearance of sex via drugs, hormones and surgery. They are still biologically and genetically either male or female, but now they look like the other sex, and so they are transgender, they changed only the appearance. However, by the trans advocates insisting on using transgender rather than transsexual, aren’t they tacitly admitting that only the outward identifiers of gender have changed, but the biological sex has not changed? This truth is very different than what activists are pushing, that gender is ONLY a cultural construct and therefore sex is only a construct. If sex is only a construct, it can be reassigned. If sex is biological, then God has spoken.

If in truth, both sex and gender are interchangeable words, according to the first definition of gender, why the insistence on using transgender rather than transsexual? If the activists truly believed that sex could be reassigned, they should be describing the after-surgery person as transsexual, NOT transgender. Because the culture does present some norms for the expression of a person’s sex, it’s easier to accept that gender can be altered than sex can be altered, and accepting, then promoting sex change is the nature of the game. If individual choice rather than biology determines sex, choice becomes god. That worked for awhile for abortion, why not for sex itself? At least if the trend continues apace, there will be much fewer abortions.

All of this is beside the point for those unhappy souls who are really ambivalent about their birth sex/gender. As I mentioned in my post called love is love, unless it’s hatred, there are over 6,500 genetic differences between men and women, so wanting to be the other sex is a serious problem. The title of this post, TRANSition to health, contains the real issue for gender confused youth. When you can’t reconcile your emotional gender with your physical gender, that’s a serious problem. Why isn’t it being treated as an illness, rather than promoted and even celebrated as a choice? If it were an illness, the compassionate goal would be restoring health. Cancer is an illness, but not because of disease organisms. It is the rebellion of cells within the sufferer’s own body, in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. It is an “abnormality”, but being considered an illness, allows research and resources to be allocated to find a cure and alleviate suffering. “Gender dysphoria” is also an abnormality, but it seems to me that far more resources are being allocated to promote it and bully the rest of us to adjust, than for seeking a cure!

Who is helped? The confused young child who is given drugs and hormones to block puberty? The young teenager who is surgically altered, and years later regrets their action and realizes they were used and their parents were complicit? The adult who thinks they are making an informed decision, and after the transition finds themselves an oddity, and is comfortable only among the LGBTQ subculture? The woman who can never give birth? The man who can never procreate? Or the trans agenda pushers, who revel in their power to elevate choice over God’s design, no matter how much damage they caused?

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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