Wicked rulers are the judgment of God on a wicked people…

“Wicked rulers are the judgment of God on a wicked people, the goal being to urge God’s people to repent and turn again toward Him.” This quote of John Calvin was repeated in a letter to the authorities of China by pastor Wang Yi, who was arrested December 9, 2018, along with his wife and 100 members of his Christian congregation. My previous post was the text of his letter, which is the perfect model of how a true Christian responds to real unjust persecution. I decided that sentence is worth a blog post of it’s own and is applicable to our country as well. As you read this, you probably have someone in mind for the appellation “wicked ruler”. But President Trump is not the only ruler in our system, and most of the evil we have allowed to flourish in our land predates his administration, though his personal behavior still qualifies. Other qualifiers could be Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, the judges of the 9th circuit court in San Francisco…..it’s my blog, so I get to choose the wicked rulers. It isn’t just civil rulers either. I would include church officials and pastors who have supported or failed to speak out against wickedness, and fathers who have abandoned their families.

What do I classify as wickedness? Actions and laws which violate: the sanctity of human life, the clear evidence of God’s design for human sexual relations and gender expression, private property rights, the parent-child bond and the authority of parents to raise their children to love God. Examples of acts which violate those principles include: abortion, adultery, homosexual sex, transsexual surgery, eminent domain, government redistribution via tax and zoning policies, CPS seizure of children without credible evidence of abuse, government penalization of home schooling.  That’s certainly a wide net, isn’t it? Why do I call these practices wicked? As diverse as they appear, all are a violation of God’s design: for family government, for the sanctity of life, for sexuality, and for the limits of civil authority.

Speaking of which, here’s an item from from NBC News: Last week, the West Point School Board in Virginia voted unanimously to fire Vlaming. They said that the teacher was insubordinate.  How?  A female student “transitioned” (changed of outward appearance) to male and demanded the use of male pronouns. It’s not suggested that the 47-year-old West Point High School French teacher deliberately referred to the student using female pronouns in the student’s presence, but in conversations with others. Witnesses described a “slip-up” when the student was about to run into a wall and Vlaming told others to stop “her.” During a discussion with administrators, Vlaming told superiors that his Christian faith prevented him from using male pronouns for the student (he had the student in class the year before when she identified as female). Vlaming’s attorney, Shawn Voyles, says his client offered to use the student’s name and to avoid feminine pronouns, but Voyles says the school was unwilling to accept the compromise.

“Vlaming’s discrimination leads to creating a hostile learning environment. And the student had expressed that. The parent had expressed that,” said West Point schools Superintendent Laura Abel. “They felt disrespected.” Nondiscrimination policies were updated a year ago to include protections for gender identity, but didn’t include guidance on gender pronoun use. Voyles notes Vlaming has constitutional rights. “One of those rights that is not curtailed is to be free from being compelled to speak something that violates your conscience,” Voyles said. Peter Vlaming said he loves and respects all his students but when a solution he tried to reach based on “mutual tolerance” was rejected, he was at risk of losing his job for having views held by “most of the world for most of human history.”“That is not tolerance,” Vlaming said. “That is coercion.” Note to Mr. Vlaming: “Mutual tolerance” doesn’t exist for militants, be they Islamic or Transgender.

After the end of World War II, many Americans have feared a takeover by a totalitarian regime. We worried about Russian tanks rolling down our streets. School children were drilled to hide under their desks in the event of an air raid. Even in the 1980’s, many popular movies such as Red Dawn featured the theme of invasion. As it turns out, the totalitarian regime never needed tanks and air raids. Instead, they marched in under the guise of tolerance and compassion. But, what is often labeled as tolerance by the commanding officers in the Sexual Revolution Army is actually coercion. Equality Virginia, an LGBTQ-rights group, said the situation reveals the need for “statewide guidance” that will protect all students from discrimination at school. Sure, they will stop at “statewide”. I say they want a complete journey from tolerance (years back) to acceptance (the present) to acquiescence (to their whole agenda) to applause. Wickedness knows no stopping point.