Sovereignty? What is it? Why should it be protected?

Ann Coulter: “The most fundamental responsibility of the U.S. president is to protect the nation’s sovereignty. It is not to ensure the safety of the Kurds or the Syrian Christians or Pakistani goat herders, but to ensure the safety and security of the American people. The Senate’s latest omnibus spending bill provides “not less than $15,000,000” for border security — in Pakistan. The border security of our own country has become a joke. Yesterday people crossed our border who will kill Americans. Today there are people crossing our border who will kill Americans. And tomorrow there will be more people crossing our border who will kill Americans. Countless presidents and presidential candidates have vowed to stop illegal immigration. Good intentions, bad intentions — it doesn’t matter. They didn’t keep their promises.”

Sovereignty means supreme power or authority. Synonyms are jurisdiction, supremacy, dominion, power, ascendancy, suzerainty, tyranny, hegemony, domination, sway, predominance, authority, control, influence. It also means the authority of a state to govern itself or another state. Conditions required for sovereignty include laws, borders, ways of enforcing entrance requirements, preferably a written constitution and a structure of governing. Every country in the world where such conditions exist has ways of regulating transit into the country. The least desirable countries also regulate exciting the country. Logically, the more desirable the country, the control they should be able and willing to exert to enforce entrance and citizenship requirements.

But who is the country? Who has the right, though not necessarily the authority, to determine who should have the privilege of residing in their country, and even more so, citizenship? The United States was established on the principle of “consent of the governed”, another way of saying the “sovereignty of the people who are citizens.” Therefore, we, the citizens of this country, have the right to regulate entry, residence and citizenship of immigrants and aspirants, via electing representatives and vesting them with the authority to enforce our laws or create laws which reflect our, not their, not immigrants’, will, which is overwhelmingly that entry, residence and citizenship is a Privilege, not a right!

Sovereignty has a lot of value to the citizens and residents, in proportion to it’s desirability. Without border control, there isn’t much sovereignty. The most extreme case of the need for border control is Israel. 1. They are surrounded by enemies who wish to destroy them. 2. The lifestyle for Israelis is in countless ways better than that of any of their neighbors. 3. The opportunities for improvement of lifestyle are also much greater for immigrants than in any of the neighboring countries. Those three elements: the need for protection, the comparative attractiveness of lifestyle and the presence of greater opportunity make the need for border security obvious. Probably the only other country that is subject to those elements is…the United States.

Are we surrounded by enemies who wish to destroy us? Not exactly. We certainly are not as directly threatened as Israel is. I say “not exactly”, by which I mean that most of those who desire entry to our country don’t mean to destroy it nor do it harm. However, unless they embrace the principle of assimilation–the melting pot concept–harm will be done. Insisting on retaining the culture and language of the place they are escaping from rather than embracing the culture and language of the place they are fleeing to will eventually destroy much of what they value about here. I will give you an example, but first, what gives me the right to judge? I was born here in 1946, I have paid into social security and Medicare for 56 years (because I still have self employment income, on which I am still paying SS taxes at age 72), served in Vietnam, was discharged honorably and have a 100% service-connected disability rating.

Previous generations of immigrants not only assimilated, they came waving American flags, not Italian, Chinese, Irish, Mexican, etc. flags, and their kind of merging into our culture actually enhanced it, producing the most unique culture in the world: American, which is a melting pot of the best of other cultures wedded to our principles of government by consent of the governed; equality of opportunity; freedom of religion, speech and association; respect for individual and property rights; sanctity of human life. All of the foregoing values built the nation we were, at least when I was born and probably until the Vietnam debacle. Since then, a relentless undermining of those values I enumerated have eroded what we were. Do you think true progress would be forward, embracing “progressive” values, or back to the crossroads to recover what we were?

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

7 thoughts on “Sovereignty? What is it? Why should it be protected?”

  1. Let me ask.. what exactly “were” we.. and when was that.. and please help me understand why the most incompetent and immoral (and likely corrupt) President in modern American history.. is delivering this idea of going back to “what was”, or “the way we were”? Because I’d love to share in this euphoria you seem to think we are living in right now.


    1. Let’s first distinguish between now and “then”, and between President Trump and the principles that underlie the American experiment. Trump is corrupt and immoral, and as such is evidence of what I believe is God’s judgment on our sins as a nation, particularly depriving millions of unborn babies of the right to life, the first right in the Declaration of Independence. After WWII, we rebuilt our enemies, particularly Germany, instead of getting revenge or subjugating, like Russia did. Even during the Vietnam War, which I believe was foolish and futile, there was still a vestige of the decency. I was in the 15th Med battalion on the 1st Cav., in Quan Loi, where the Cambodian incursion began. Our first sergeant called us all together to explain “order of triage.” “First, you will treat all women and children who are injured, then strictly in order of seriousness. If an enemy soldier is more seriously wounded than one of ours, the enemy gets treated first.” This was official policy and respected by the troops. That was what I mean by once great. I am not talking about perfection, but about principles of decency.


  2. I picked up on you over at IB’s blog and took a gander and ended up with a perception that you were a typical Conservative emotional blog that wallows more in angst patriotism than substance. I believe I was responding in part from comments you made on IB’s blog and a post you made in here. Oddly, I do tend to follow those from time to time in spite of my own politics generally “not being the same”, as I do prefer to learn and understand the motivations and conclusions of others. Creating a blog simply to collect like-minded folks doesn’t really provide a learning play ground for me.
    I was born in 1951 and while we share Boomer status, you are about 4 years older than me. But what triggers my reply here was reading your not overly affectionate remarks about Trump. I had a little time so I read some more of your thoughts and your About because I was a bit confused as to what your political leanings might be. I’m still a little foggy on that.
    Nonetheless, we both have a lot of years under our belts; maybe give a pass over to my blog.. and read my About Me. Maybe we can compare notes sometime.


    1. I don’t have a specific “political leaning”. Rather, I believe both politics and culture are “downstream” from what we worship. Materialists worship money and the 5 senses, socialists/communists worship–or say they do–the proletariat. The group I call “perfectionist progressives” (examples AOC, senator Warren, Kamala Harris, worship the concept of utopia. I worship Jesus Christ, and that fact determines my politics. I live in Spokane, WA. “Comparing notes” via email or blogs is next to impossible. Where do you live? I’m not opposed to face to face, if you aren’t far.


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