High school boys’ fantasies come true.

beleaguered Scottish cis-woman

No more sneaking a peek at National Geographic in the school library to ogle semi-naked women! That was a quaint custom in my day. How benighted and deprived we were. Hormone-crazed H.S. boys are moving to Scotland to take advantage of a better way to leer! They across the pond really know how to be progressive!

From The Herald, Scottish newspaper, by Iain MacWhirter: “WHEN is a woman not a woman? When she’s being addressed by the Scottish Government. It is now pejorative to call a person with a uterus and XX hormones a ‘biological woman’, according to a spokesperson quoted in The Times. In future, the Government intends to use the term ‘cis-gender’ instead. This, apparently, is to educate heteronormative women about their ‘privilege’ – the fact that they can use the toilets. So far as I know, you don’t have to show a birth certificate, or undergo a medical exam to have a pee. But what do I know as a pale, stale male. Instead, let’s just take it as read that in future we are going to have to accept that the concept of sexual differentiation with which we have been living for thousands of years is finally being exposed as a malign transphobic falsehood. At any rate, the Scottish Government appears determined to press ahead with reform of the Gender Recognition Act, which will allow trans people to assign themselves legally and biologically female. Hitherto, trans people have had to undergo medical examination and get a diagnosis of ‘gender dysphoria’. No more. From now on, anyone can change their birth certificate to whatever they wish.”

“Women – sorry, ‘menstruators’ – who say that self-ID erases their sexual identity will be told: ‘just get over it.’ Trans women with male anatomy will be entitled to enter women’s changing rooms, girl guide troops or women’s prisons. Women who complain will be guilty of transphobia, and are likely to be visited by the police recording a ‘hate incident’. Last week, a British transgender man, who had IVF by sperm donation and gave birth, won a court battle to prevent his child having ‘mother’ on its birth certificate. It will be the first child in history to have no mother. The AIRE Centre, a human rights charity, contested this on the grounds that it would make life difficult for the child in future, when they apply for visas or anything which enquires about family background. The Government said simply that this isn’t a problem. From now on, fathers can give birth – end of.

“Of course, the trans parent will still be present, but is it OK to expect a child to suddenly start calling her natural mother her father (my note: this evil writer should have used Xe, not her). I would have thought that a child has a continuing right to a legal mother if they were born with one. If misgendering a trans person is unacceptable, surely demothering a child should be too. This is going to be confusing to say the least. Welcome to the brave new world of post-sexual differentiation, where men become women and fathers have children. It is one of the most radical and abrupt cultural changes in human history.

“Women have had a pretty bad deal in previous centuries, when they were regarded often as chattels without rights. In some Muslim societies they’re still second-class citizens. Now, as women are finally emerging from the shadow of patriarchy, they are being told, by men, that they no longer have exclusive rights to their sexual identity. It’s a weird turn of events. It seems women are just on the wrong side of history. But somehow, I don’t think they’ll go quietly.”

Now I know why Monty Python’s Flying Circus did a sketch on turning Englishmen into Scotsmen. Is this what comes of hundreds of years of men wearing kilts?

Image result for monty python scotsman sketch

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

2 thoughts on “High school boys’ fantasies come true.”

    1. I have three daughters, now in their 20’s. I don’t fear that they will embrace the LGBT dogma themselves, but I worry about their apathy towards government attempts to shut down contrary opinions. I tell them they should care, this is about the world they will live in. Deaf ears so far.

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