Hate, hate, hate, what a business model!

Because all “right wing haters” are white…

Over the decades, the SPLC basically made the American philosopher Eric Hoffer’s famous line about organizational degeneracy its strategic plan: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Originally founded as a civil-rights group in 1971 and gaining fame for its campaign to bankrupt the Ku Klux Klan, the SPLC shifted to a catch-all “anti-hate” group that widened its definition of bigotry to encompass more and more people as the Klan faded as a threat. So begins The National Review’s Rich Lowry’s op-ed in the New York Post, March 19, 2019. He continues in this vein, and I agree with every word:

It used the complicity or credulousness of the media in repeating its designations to punish its ideological enemies and engage in prodigious fundraising. It raised $50 million a year and built an endowment of more than $300 million. Imagine a left-wing outfit with the same shoddy standards as Sen. Joe McCarthy but with a better business sense. The SPLC never sees honest disagreement over contentious issues if it can see “hate” instead. It named the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom hate groups for opposing gay marriage. It designated perfectly respectable restrictionist ­immigration groups like the Center for Immigration Studies for the offense of favoring less immigration. It labeled the American ­Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers as complicit in “male supremacy.”

Not only the SPLC, but even the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation league (ADL) wants to get into the act (of adopting the business model racket of linking every bad thing to hate=right wing=white supremacy). This is a tweet from tweety-bird Ilhan Omar sent to MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin as he reported on a proposed hearing the House Judiciary Committee wants to call to address hate crimes.: “It’s overdue! Far-right extremists were linked to every extremist murder in the U.S. last year, including the Tree of Life and Parkland shootings. They are not operating in a vacuum. This is a crisis and it deserves national attention.” In a follow up tweet to this hyperbolic divisiveness the Congresswoman who traffics in defaming Jews on the regular offers up a link to a piece from the Anti Defamation League. The following are examples of crimes that the ADL is trying to pin on “right-wing, white extremism: It’s a long list, but very educational about the “destroy whiteness” agenda. Is “whiteness” really a thing? See my previous post.

Parkland, Florida, February 14, 2018The school itself was not a likely white supremacist target, nor did Cruz seem to target his victims by race, religion or ethnicity. However, little evidence has so far emerged to suggest that the MSDHS shooting spree itself was conducted as a white supremacist attack. In the end, however, it is not clear to what extent Cruz’s white supremacist beliefs may have played a role in the killings. Because of this uncertainty, Cruz’s killings have been listed here as non-ideological. This is the lead example in the report, and one Omar felt the need to note in her tweet. Non-Ideological, but listed as proof of right-wing extremism all the same.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 27, 2018: Robert Bowers opened fire inside a synagogue killing 11. What the report fails to note is that Bowers despised President Trump, and his violence was apparently inspired by the President’s support of Israel and Jewish citizens. This places Bowers in a camp much closer to Ilhan Omar.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, March 12, 2018: Corey Johnson, 17, killed a 13-year-old and severely injured two others in a stabbing spree: In the year before the attack he had become interested in radical Islam (and had even been reported to the FBI by local law enforcement). After his arrest, Johnson reportedly told investigators he had stabbed his victims “because of his Muslim faith”.
— Is Ilhan Omar actually comfortable calling those who murder in the name of their Muslim faith “right-wing extremists”?! That could explain quite a bit.

Nashville, Tennessee, April 22, 2018Travis Reinking opened fire inside a Waffle House, killing four: Reinking also has a serious history of mental illness and the shooting appears to have been non-ideological in nature; he has been ruled incompetent to stand trial.
— Non-Ideological, and attributed to mental illness, but still tabulated here.

Sumter, South Carolina, August 11, 2018: Demetrius Alexander Brown, a self-proclaimed Moorish sovereign citizen, was arrested for the fatal shooting of Sharmine Pack following a dispute about a vehicle sale at an auto repair shop.
— Is violence over a car sale “extremist violence”? Brown was affiliated with the Moorish Sovereign Citizens, a group that declares they are African society members with no allegiance to state and federal rules of law. In other words, they are Black Nationalists.

Robstown, Texas, July 27, 2018: Richard Starry shot and killed four relatives at a local nursing center and at his home in an apparent act of domestic violence before killing himself. According to local media, Starry had been a member of a white supremacist group while in prison.
— The ADL recognizes this as a domestic violence situation, but since he was a member of the group they chalk that up statistically

Abingdon, Virginia, May 4, 2018: Roger Melvin Tackett was charged with first degree murder and other crimes after fatally shooting an acquaintance following a dispute.
— Okay, so how was this “right-wing extremism” exactly?
According to police, Tackett has multiple white supremacist tattoos.
— Ah, there it is. So we are not actually tabulating incidents any longer, just any tangential evidence will do

Dothan, Alabama, June 4, 2018: James Mathis, a member of the Georgia-based white supremacist prison gang Ghostface Gangsters, and his wife, Amanda Oakes, allegedly killed their six-month-old son and put his body in a freezer in a hotel room.
— I do not even know how this manages to qualify.

Athens, Georgia, May 11, 2018: Following a family argument, Malachi Qaadir Dorns, 19, stabbed his mother and older brother multiple times, wounding his mother and killing his brother. In an earlier arrest, Dornss told police that he was a sovereign citizen.
— Domestic violence…again, but he tried to dodge responsibility via nationalism, we guess???

Locust Grove, Georgia, February 19, 2018: Tierre Guthrie, a Moorish sovereign citizen, shot and killed a Locust Grove police officer when the officer and two Henry County sheriff’s deputies tried to take Guthrie into custody for a failure to appear warrant. Both deputies were wounded but survived. Guthrie, who was himself shot four times in the firefight, died at the scene.
— Another Black Nationalist we will pretend is white right-wing extremism

“Whiteness”, the new cliche of stupidity.

Owsley County , Ky. lowest median household income

My comments in bold.

Sean Illing: “Why are so many poor and working-class white Americans endorsing policies that are literally killing them?” Sociologist and psychiatrist (two words give early warning that drivel follows) Jonathan Metzl is being interviewed by Sean Illing of Vox, about his new book, Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s Heartland.

Jonathan Metzl: “That’s the core question I address in the book. I look at the rejection of the Affordable Care Act in the South. I look at policies that make it far easier for people to get guns and carry guns everywhere. I look at tax cuts that benefit wealthy Americans but cut roads, bridges, and schools in poor and working-class areas. (actually the latest round of tax code changes phase out tax deductions that more “wealthy” Americans used to depend on in high tax states, like state income tax deductions) Every one of those policies has been sold as a policy that will make America great again. But they have devastating consequences for working-class populations, particularly working-class white populations, in many instances. I found that if you lived in a state that rejected the Medicaid expansion and blocked the full passage of the Affordable Care Act, you lived about a 21- to 28-day shorter life span on the aggregate. So it was costing people about three to four weeks of life in those states. (slight problem with methodology: the ACA, and Medicaid expansion, went into full effect 2016, just 3 years before this book was published. How can someone draw any conclusions about life span effects with less than 3 years of comparisons???)

“When I looked at states that made it incredibly easy for people to buy and carry guns pretty much anywhere they wanted, I found that this correlated with hundreds of deaths that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, (“wouldn’t have happened otherwise?” Do you have an alternative future generator or some way to prove what would have happened otherwise?) particularly in white populations, because gun suicide rose dramatically. (so, there’s a correlation between gun suicides and legal guns? Did you look at suicide by other means? Aren’t the states you are referring to also leading in ophioid abuse, and doesn’t that correlate to suicide?)And I found that if you lived in a state that cut away infrastructure and schools and funding, that correlated with higher high school dropout rates. (Infrastructure is related to dropout rates how?)

Illing: “Can you explain what you mean when you say this is a structural story, and not necessarily a story about individual bias?”

Metzl: “I found so many instances where people, if you talk to them in their daily lives–and this is true for all of us–are much more accommodating, they’re much more willing to compromise if they can understand somebody else’s point of view. When they engage, when they make eye contact with somebody, they have empathy. And I found that again and again in my research. (Finally, a worthy conclusion)But I also found that there are powerful forces in this country that benefit from polarizing us and keeping us apart.( Like ridiculous conclusions you have drawn from “research”, all trying to make up, then prove the toxicity of “whiteness.” You people are pathetic). People actually benefit from that polarization. And as long as we’re having these polarizing, nuance-free conversations driven by the [National Rifle Association] or Fox News, we’re unlikely to find a common ground.” (sure, Fox and the NRA are the problem, not bogus drivel like this interview and your book!).