Welcome to the United States of L.A. and N.Y.C.

2016 Presidential election by county…

Headline from the Babylon Bee: Candidates Propose Changes To Fix Flaw In Constitution That Allows Republicans To Be Elected.

“Sure”, say the geniuses of Los Angeles and New York city, “let’s get rid of the Electoral College”, so we can decide the fate of the whole country. Hillary Clinton i.e. Democrats, garnered 2,864,974 more total votes in the 2016 presidential election than Donald Trump, i.e. Republicans, BUT LOST THE ELECTION! It’s unfair, a crime even.

As if the county by county electoral map above is not enough, let’s consider the two most populous metropolitan areas in the country, Los Angeles and New York. The combined popular vote differential in those two metros was: 3,076,093 more for D than R. That’s 211,119 more than the number of national votes that D had over R. Without the Electoral College, Los Angeles and New York metro would have decided the national presidential election!

From National Review: Elizabeth Warren has joined a growing chorus within the Democratic party in calling for the abolition of the Electoral College. Speaking at a forum in Mississippi on Monday night, Warren said that she hoped to ensure that “every vote matters” and proposed that “the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College.” Indeed, no sooner has the Democratic party lost control of an institution that it had assumed it would retain in perpetuity than that institution has been denounced as retrograde and unfair. In the past year alone, this impulse has led to calls for the abolition or reinvention of the Senate, the Supreme Court, and more.

Up until now, I have criticized policies of either political party that seemed to me impractical, foolish or damaging, and have satirized the politicians who promulgated these bad ideas. Sure, almost all the bad policies were from Democrats, but that’s not my problem, that’s theirs. However, this call to abolish the Electoral College, under the incredibly hypocritical statement “every vote matters”, when clearly that means only votes for democrats, from a senator who has embraced reparations for slavery, universal child care, claiming Cherokee ancestry and has been in and around politics long enough to know why the electoral college exists. To her and others who propose fundamental changes in our Constitution in order to protect their own power, I hereby call them traitors. That headline from the Babylon Bee was satirical, and serious at the same time. The spirit of totalitarianism is alive and abides in those traitorous hypocrites.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi, who says “we must lower the voting age to 16.” Lowering the voting age to 18 argument went, “these kids of 18 are being drafted to fight in Vietnam, but have no right to vote?” I served with a lot of those 18 year olds. You know how they say today, of retired people, “70 is the new 50”? Well, back then 18 was as mature as 24 is today. There was no such thing as “adulting”. Just saying.