The intersection of hypocrisy, greed and mental illness.

Beware of overpopularity

I wrote a long post yesterday about Critical Theory in which I intimated that the motivation behind such a nihilistic worldview might be greed. Something I read today in Takimag made me realize that the rapid spread of C.T. and it’s associated poisons could be driven by something I didn’t even think about. David Cole started his post by describing a friend of his, a vivacious and educated Cambodian woman, and her sad descent into madness. Her particular mental illness took the form of paranoia—hearing voices that weren’t there, then delusions of being recorded wherever she went, and finally shouting in the streets epithets against her imagined persecutors, who in her mind were all men of high melanin pigment. He says, “fortunately there was no social media back then.” Her madness could not be used by others to thrust her into an unwanted notoriety. Not so today.

He then goes on to describe a Burger King commercial that ran in New Zealand, introducing an Asian burger, showing white people struggling to eat this burger with chopsticks. Most people made nothing of the commercial, but a Korean woman named Maria Mo, living in New Zealand took offense at it, and tweeted an offensive rant about it. So you have a Korean woman somehow offended that Burger King culturally appropriated chopsticks venting on Twitter. What neither she nor I ever realized was that the social media lust for fame has fertilized a global mushroom crop of media trolls who scour the internet looking for tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts that can be appropriated to stoke the fires of intersectional victimhood rivalries and Critical Theory justifications. In plain language, outrage and anger over racism and other expressions of oppression, all of which are the byproducts of human sin, sells!

David Cole in Takimag: When the global media turned her tweet into an overnight sensation, forcing Burger King to remove the ad, initially Mo was elated: “Yay. Suck on this racists. You don’t get your way, not today. Cry me a river. PoC who are all “well I’M PoC and this doesn’t offend meeee” need to shut the fuck up cos why you gotta be such a pick me bitch for wypipo if u effectively have no horse in the race.” (PoC is person of color)

Soon her elation turned to fear. Why? Because when she tweeted her rant, she was already in the throes of significant mental illness, depression, paranoia. The international fame her tweet brought her, courtesy of the outrage trolls. I am aggregating a bunch of subsequent tweets which she sent over the next few weeks as her unwanted notoriety metastasized. All she wanted at that point was to be left alone to try to adjust to different medications that her psychiatrist prescribed.

“Ehhh my racist Burger King ad video tweet has almost 2M views. This is almost kinda scary. So I think the weight of everything that’s gone on in the past few days has just hit me and I’m lying in bed tearing up. It’s probably fine but I just don’t feel safe. I never asked for any of this. I’m just a fucking nobody who just sent out a tweet not knowing the shitstorm it was going to cause. Don’t @ me saying I did this for the attention. And no I did not get paid. I need the international media to STOP REPORTING already. Friend sent me a screengrab of an Austrian paper. Just deleted an interview request from a Japanese tv programme (twice in two days). I JUST WANT TO GET ON WITH MY LIFE. How much more do I need to feel threatened about my security and privacy?” David Cole again: This is the moral bankruptcy of today’s “anti-racist” media. Whether turning videos of disturbed white women into viral sensations in the name of furthering the “racist white lady” narrative, or exploiting a tweet from an Asian woman struggling with mental health issues, these despicable monsters don’t care whose lives they ruin in the name of the almighty retweets.

Their fame-seeking is motivated by greed. Of course racism exists, it is even pervasive, even everywhere. Pretending it doesn’t exist, or isn’t significant, or doesn’t matter anymore, is worse than naive, and might be evil, if such protestations are motivated by disliking others for their physical characteristics. Exploiting racism is evil, and usually motivated by lust for more…..more popularity, more sales, more notoriety, more “moral capital”, more power. Power? What does power have to do with exploiting racism? Let’s take an example from advertising. Remember the infamous “woke” Gillette commercial? Racism wasn’t the shibboleth there, it was “toxic masculinity”, but the principle is the same as that underlying a Nike commercial featuring Serena Williams. Serena is not only female, but black, the intersection of the two most pervasive victim narratives of Critical Theory.

She goes, “If we [women] dream of equal opportunity, [we’re called] delusional. If we stand for something, [we’re called] unhinged.” Notice the use of the “straw man” fallacy, that of answering a hypothetical person or group of people who are supposed to be saying something, but in fact are not. Whom do you know who calls women delusional or unhinged? I don’t know anyone like that. Then why introduce that into a commercial? Because it makes it sound like there’s a horde of oppressors out there, and where oppressors lurk aren’t victims under their jackboots? Under Critical Theory, when you’re the victim, you get to call the shots and dictate the narrative. The victim wears the crown. The oppressed have the say-so. And anyone who questions the legitimacy of the victimhood based on evidence is indeed the oppressor by default.

Racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia and other made-up isms and phobias are not the same, except in Critical Theory and it’s bastard stepchild, Intersectionality. Hating someone for their skin pigmentation—my definition of racism—is a sin, the product of our sin nature. The others on the list are not sins, they are made-up names for creating victim classes, and the ones ending in phobia not only don’t exist, but are designed to be labels to paste over the mouths of anyone with a politically incorrect opinion on the topic. Why? As I said, power & popularity = payoff. Critical Theory = grievance monetizing. It all comes down to greed, covetousness. So what if you exploit the mentally ill? The trolls can always claim racism drove her mad. The intersection of greed and madness that is Critical Theory has a third street, this one called hypocrisy. The proponents of CT are overwhelmingly overeducated, and thus privileged in a material sense at least. They enjoy the benefits of the ideas they criticize, ideas which are the foundation of our country’s prosperity. Their “solutions” would undermine the very benefits they enjoy, but they think they will escape the consequences.

One of the premises of Critical Theory is that statements can’t be evaluated on the basis of objective truth because the speaker or writer has an ulterior motive—preserving their power and privilege—for making the statement. Okay, let’s judge CT on the same standard. Who benefits from CT which divides humanity into oppressed and oppressor? Certainly not the oppressors, and certainly not the oppressed. The latter just gets weaker by accepting victimhood. No, who benefits? Just the grievance hustlers.