The Chernobyl of (anti-) social media.

Twitter! Such a cute name, such a toxic environment. As I am wont to do these days, I will turn to a commentary from Their writers seem to understand the times better than most people, and express their opinions passionately and sometimes brutally, about targets who are brutal themselves.

“Since the left is culturally hegemonic, many leftists feel no need to conceal the enmity that defines their ideas and drives their political actions. Rather, they frankly declare their loathing for traditional values, conservatives, and above all, white men. So it has become normal in recent years to read open racism against “oppressor groups” in the pages of The New York TimesThe AtlanticThe New Republic, and other leading leftist publications. Meanwhile, this will to power (as it were) is aided by hypocrisy, the left’s oldest friend (along with envy, with which it often works in concert). 

“I always chuckle,” a discerning friend recently wrote to me,

when all my impeccably liberal, cognitive elite friends—who are always prattling about “diversity and inclusion”—head straight for the whitest, toniest, most traditionally legacy-WASPY (and thus gracious, decorous, litter-free and orderly) spots for summer leisure. Every year I take the grand tour of visits: the Berkshires, the North Shore of Long Island, the Hamptons, Shelter Island, Dutchess and Columbia Counties, northwest Connecticut, Vermont, the New Hampshire lakes. It’s white flight with a vengeance. And no one sees the contradiction. Instead, everyone says, “Well, we’d love to have more minorities here,” (right!) and quickly changes the subject to other topics (like real estate).

Ah yes, SJW white flight. What does this have to do with Twitter, you ask? Since the worst garbage and ugliest vitriol on Twitter is usually anonymous, with notable exceptions of “celebrities” tweeting their virtue signaling, empty headed platitudes and hatred for a duly elected president (Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano, Alec Baldwin, Keith Olbermann) to build their brand by adding cultish “followers”, I have to guess that many of the leftist anonymous spewers are sitting comfortably in their Aeron chairs inside their McMansions on giant plots of prime real estate within their legacy-WASPY enclaves (yes, I know it’s a run on sentence but it’s my blog), dreaming of all the people of color they could invite to their next soirée while tweeting up a shitstorm of anti conservative, anti white vomit. Take a breath….away from the pile of regurg.

What about alt-right vomit you ask. Well that also stinks, but we are talking about Twitter here, and lefties prefer tweeting to embedding their bile inside philosophical rambling screeds, which is the preferred method of verbal vomit of righties. To SJWs, tweeting is more authentic because it’s rife with emotion. Speaking of which, perhaps the most simultaneously vile and vapid tweets are of the teenage varieties. Want even more specifics? Teenage girls are probably the worst. I was discussing this yesterday with my 25 year old daughter, who once had a Twitter account, but couldn’t stand the bile and tediousness of most tweets. I am focusing on the ugliness of the human id here, but she was disgusted with all the venting of emotional states and broadcasting the inane details of daily living.

Okay, I understand building a brand Or communicating good stuff with your audience, like Kurt Warner and Tim Tebow do. If everyone on Twitter was like them, it would be a blessing rather than Chernobyl. Solomon must have known about Twitter when he wrote this proverb: “Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.”- Proverbs 26:11.

The rant I love 💗

SJWs, beware!

Jim Goad, in the first chapter of The New Church Ladies: The Extremely Uptight World of Social Justice: “You’re wound so tightly, I can hear you squeaking. For fuck’s sake, how self-righteous and hypocritical do you have to get before the mass of us who aren’t nearly so self-righteous stand up and start shouting back? The supposedly “intolerant” people have been way too tolerant of your endless tantrums. You are ALWAYS getting offended. You spend every waking moment—and possibly most of your dream life—offended. I remember when the young’uns were the LAST to get offended, but now you’re the most easily offended people on the planet. Get a grip, you little totalitarians, or the backlash is going to give you diaper rash.” I do love this, and it’s so true; I’ve wondered the same thing, why do we take it? In my case, I blog to educate and provoke them-their choice. But for most Americans, I imagine the spirit of “let them have their opinions, I don’t care” is the reason. If you read my last post-An Argument Clinic-what did I say is the necessary precondition for rational debate? It’s a sincere desire to get to the truth of an issue. Mutual understanding is also part of that; if a proposition is true for one person but not the other, what has your debate accomplished?

If you aren’t a just another simple, lowly, brainwashed, drearily predictable zombie witch-hunter and sincerely want to understand what makes me tick, the first thing you must accept is that I’m fundamentally antisocial and never, ever, ever, ever, EVER go with the crowd, no matter what crowd it is. I figure that wherever the crowd is standing at any given moment, they arrived there for entirely the wrong reasons. Wherever a crowd has gathered, there’s never enough space for me.” That’s me also, though I don’t call it antisocial, I call it discerning.

Accordingly, I’ve had a lifelong affinity for heretics rather than for high priests. These days, “racist” is the favorite smear word for the ideologically intolerant. I think the term itself is silly and ultimately meaningless, but it’s not a word that scares me like it appears to cause testicles to leap out of nutsacks and hit the floor running nationwide. But my interrogators—or, just as often, my accusers—hardly ever seem to be looking for explanations. They don’t even seem to know the difference between scientific inquiry and the Spanish Inquisition. Rather, they seem hell-bent on using a rusty knife to pry open my cold heart like a stubborn oyster shell to discover the boundlessly irrational primal HATE they are certain throbs inside. True believers that they are, they take it as an article of faith that evil lurks within the hearts of those who don’t think like they do, and goddamnit, they’re going to find it whether it’s there or not. Never once have I done or said anything that directly harmed a single black person, yet somehow I’m still made to bear the presumption of eternally indelible inter-generational collective guilt—talk about a goofball social construct! And I still don’t understand how pointing out such daffily pseudo-religious inconsistencies makes me the worst kind of human being possible rather than someone who calls bullshit when he sees it.” True, true. Okay, end of this rant. This is only selected passages from the first chapter, and I am looking forward to the rest of 200 pages.

The BIG problem with letting the hippo-mouthed SJWs air their opinions unchallenged is they get the mistaken idea that those who disagree with them are passive enough that won’t oppose their agenda. Unfortunately, more rational people will wait too long to oppose; they interpret they dictum “pick your battles” to mean wait for the perfect opportunity, which means waiting, waiting, uh oh, the camel’s is inside the tent, ass first. The conflict between different approaches for answering a fool according to his folly is summed up in the following Proverbs: “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.” Proverbs 26:4-5. I think what Solomon meant was, don’t shout back at the fool–that’s what a fool does. Instead, disarm the fools’ idiotic ideas with your own blog….or something like that.