To ask what racism is…is an act of racism.

Geoduck. Appropriate mascot.

Evergreen State College in Washington might just be the most cutting edge of all the campus re-education camps, colleges, er. conformity factories. Their mascot is called, for you people not from the greater Northwest, the geoduck, pronounced gooey duck, which looks like a shellfish with the world’s longest penis to body shell ratio, except that extruded member is edible, as long as you don’t know what you are eating. How does the mascot translate into something that can walk and lead cheers? The picture above, specifically the being on the right, gives you a hint. The fact that the person on the left actually looks like a human woman, and a fairly attractive one, indicates that the picture could not have been taken on the Evergreen campus, since there’s no women there….at least none who would admit to it, or look like it. She must have been photoshopped in. If you are an Evergreen student, I challenge you to find at least five sexist statements worthy of death in this paragraph.

What prompted this anti Evergreen diatribe–for you Evergreen students, that’s like a rant, but with more syllables, which are sounds….oh, never mind–was a video of an interview with Bret Weinstein, which included video footage of students whose behavior and unhinged ranting (less awkward than diatribing) make the geoduck guy look like the essence of sophistication. Before getting into the specifics of the video, I will give you some background, from one of the most liberal media sources I could find, The Seattle Stranger:

One year ago, this small, liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington was unknown to most of the country. Now it has achieved a kind of infamy, at least in higher education circles. It started when Evergreen State College staff decided to invert their annual “Day of Absence.” Traditionally, that’s a day when people of color leave the campus to illustrate how much the community depends on them. In 2017, however, Evergreen’s administration decided to ask white people to leave campus instead. Biology Professor Bret Weinstein responded to this request on a staff and faculty email list, objecting to the idea of asking people to leave rather than having a group voluntarily leave. Weinstein’s message ended with: “On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — must never be based on skin color.” Some weeks later, after the Day of Absence had passed, 50 students showed up outside Weinstein’s class. They shouted and chanted until he came out, accusing him of racism and demanding his resignation. They yelled over him when he tried to talk and blocked him when he tried to leave. Students then occupied the library, surrounding the college president’s office. They reportedly blocked entrances with furniture. .

The real eye opener for me was this bug-eyed black faculty member, Naima, who was the instigator of a lot of confrontations—In one particular faculty meeting, she accused Bret of racism and said a student accused him of white supremacy. When he asked “what does this student think white supremacy is?”, her response was “To ask students who ‘are suffering from white supremacy’ is itself racist. To ask about evidence of racism is racist with a capital R.” The chair of the faculty then said “Bret, this isn’t the place to defend yourself against charges of racism.” “Fine, where is the place to defend myself?” Sudden interruption from Naima—“There is no place for anyone to defend themselves against accusations of racism.” What does this sound like? From the Washington Post: The news agency of the pro-Hanoi Cambodian government said 100 former Khmer Rouge officials were enrolled in a re-education center in Svay Rieng Province on the Vietnamese border. It appeared to have the same purpose as similar camps set up in South Vietnam following the Communist victory in 1975. The agency report predicted, “At the completion of a short course, these people will be completely free of their reactionary nature.” It has been estimated that in Vietnam, 50,000 people remain in the centers 3 1/2 years after the war’s end.

Reactionary nature! That snippet of the faculty meeting is why I call this kind of campus a re-education camp. “After a ‘short’ course….” If short is more than three and a half years, it might be forever. The news item didn’t say how many people were interred originally or how many died of starvation and beatings. Of course, American college students would be horrified, unless the dead were white males.

Then there was the cafeteria meeting where the president of the college was trying to explain to students, using the occasional gesticulation, how the administration intended to get recalcitrant faculty to buy in to the nebulous equity plan, when he was interrupted by a bipedal human-appearing something–I can’t even assume this creature was transsexual–who shouted at him “don’t point your finger, put your hands down George”. George duly groveled “I’m doing the best I can, I’m trying to do better, I’m dealing with my own shit, my racism….” just as a WOC stands up yelling, “whiteness is the most violent fuckin system to ever exist”, spittle flying out of her pacifistic mouth. Lucky she didn’t have a pacifier to spit. Meanwhile, someone announced that there was food and water available, but only for students of color! Even though the majority white student body was paying for it. But that’s okay, helps purge a little white privilege out of their evil alimentary canals.

Every now and then, the video cuts to the expert witness on whiteness, Robin DiAngelo, scholar of whiteness studies. Seriously! I finally had to stop watching, as I could feel my IQ points leaking out of my ears. I was afraid if I watched all three videos all the way through I’d be too stupid to finish my blog. The most appropriate notes I can end on are: 1. If the Seattle Stranger says you’ve achieved infamy, you really have hit rock bottom; 2. The geoduck’s long neck isn’t really a penis, it’s a foot that helps it burrow deep into the mud or sand. What mascot could be more appropriate??