N.Y. competes with Cali for most screwed up!

Well, this explains why someone would move TO New York…

Exhibit one: The “Euphemism for I love aborting babies” bill, the Reproductive Health Act, wasn’t bad enough. What, exactly, is reproductive health?

Exhibit two: A Medicaid audit revealed the following: “Medicaid made improper payments of $933,594 for drugs, procedures, and supplies to treat ED. Of that, Medicaid paid $63,301 for 47 sex offenders (30 of whom were classified as a level-2 or a level-3 sex offender). Medicaid paid $285,641 for ED drugs approved to also treat BPH or PAH for 14 sex offenders (11 of whom were classified as a level-2 or a level-3 sex offender).” Office of the New York State Comptroller, Division of State Government Accountability.

Or, as the inimitable Jim Goad put it in Takimag.com: “If you are a convicted rapist living in New York State who’s having trouble achieving and maintaining an erection in order to give a new victim a right proper coercive rogering, take heart—the state’s Medicaid program will provide you with erectile dysfunction medicine at no cost!” What more need I say? Bureaucrats are already claiming its about computer errors. Sure, blame the computer. Just note the division of the Comptroller, that last word is a bitch.

For this next item, I need a disclaimer. I love cats, and they love me. Recently I moved to a place where pets are not encouraged, so I found my two cats wonderful homes. Both were rescue cats. The orange male was declawed as a kitten, and the black and white female was never declawed. My daughter took her, and a lonely widow took him, and her daughter keeps thanking me, sending pictures of him on her mom’s lap. But, have you ever owned an expensive piece of furniture that was monumentally comfortable and attractive? Sit with that question while we ponder the next item.

Exhibit Three: As the New York Times reports: New York lawmakers on Tuesday passed a ban on cat declawing, putting the state on the cusp of being the first to outlaw the procedure. New York State joins several cities in banning declawing, including Los Angeles and Denver; several other states, including California, New Jersey and Massachusetts, are also considering bans, according to the Humane Society of United States, which hailed the New York bill.

“Declawing is a convenience surgery, with a very high complication rate, that offers no benefit to the cat,” said Brian Shapiro, the group’s New York director, adding that the procedure causes “an increase in biting and litter-box avoidance, which often results in the cat being surrendered to an animal shelter.” The declawing bill now awaits the signature of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (who is really more of a dog guy); on Tuesday, he said his office would review it. If the bill becomes law, those who violate it could face a $1,000 fine.

New York, New York, where unborn babies are not afforded the basic rights of a human being, state legislators have determined, in a bipartisan vote no less, that cats need stricter protection. “Convenience procedure?” As Steve Martin says, “well excuse meeee!” Aren’t most abortions also “convenience procedures”? A baby would be inconvenient. So say, couched in various euphemisms, most women who choose elective abortion. Both cats were happy in my home, but they are gone, and I still own the most comfortable, slimline leather recliner. I estimate it bears more than 100 claw marks. My daughter has my claw-owning cat, and I own a torn up recliner that’s too comfortable to give up.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

One thought on “N.Y. competes with Cali for most screwed up!”

  1. Love the cat story! And the great application to abortion. Great insight as to the “convenience procedure!” Wednesday morning this week? John Schaub is in town that day and I’ll bring him with! He is grooving with me on the church situation.Check out this link – a book from my past that was over my head when I read it in 1968 and I resurrected it and now I am ready for it! Only 30 phages and it is dynamite.

    Click to access the_spontaneous_expansion_of_the_church.pdf


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