No joy in this Joy, or this “news.”

Names can be deceiving. Jim Goad, over at, first introduces us to Joy Butler:

Dr. Joy Butler is a professor at the University of British Columbia who specializes in ‘pedagogy’ and sort of looks like the bastard love child of Martina Navratilova and an HIV-positive pelican. Spewing pseudo-academic malarkey, Joy joylessly informs us that dodgeball carries no enjoyment: ‘When you’re setting up the environment for students to learn, and you introduce the idea that it’s okay to slam the ball at whomever you like, even if it’s with a soft ball, the intention is there….The message is that it’s okay to hurt or dehumanize the ‘other.’ The competition is about annihilating one’s opponent, and the true definition of competition is between two evenly matched teams. Well, kids stack their teams, and they really enjoy beating the other team. What’s the enjoyment of that?‘ One might be forgiven for thinking there would be far more enjoyment in hurling a dodgeball at Joy Butler’s face than there would ever be in looking at her face.”

The estimable Mr. Goad then presents a more appropriate example of a name matching a disposition, that of Laura Humpf, a white yoga teacher in Seattle, hosting a class “Undoing Whiteness“: Are you a white person wanting to unpack the harmful ways white supremacy is embedded in your body, mind and heart? Are you looking for an embodied approach to racial and social justice? Are you craving a spiritual community where oppression and privilege can be addressed with compassion and honesty?I’m certainly not. Are you? No? Well, Humpf then!

Another item on Mr. Goad’s list this morning was too horrific for me to write about–the mutilation and murder of a 9 year old boy by his “mother”, who apparently was actually his biological mother (the U.K. Sun newspaper calls “her” his “mum”). The reason I put mother, mum and her in quotes will be apparent if you read the article, which I would not advise. If you don’t, them Jim Goad’s description of “mum” should suffice: “Rosana Candido and Kacyla Pessoa are a pair of Brazilian sapphites who are built like linebackers and make stegosauruses look attractive by comparison.” The link to the Sun article is here:

As you might know, San Antonio was the first “American” city to ban Chick fil-A from their airport, “inspiring” a few other burgs to follow suit in the Moronic Municipal Virtue-Signaling Sweepstakes. Not satisfied to deprive visitors and residents from enjoying one the most hospitable and popular chain restaurants in the U.S., the latest escapade of the city fathers is seeking French speakers. Why? KENS5 News in San Antone: “Roughly 350 migrants from the Congo are expected to arrive in San Antonio in the coming days, leaving the city scrambling for French-speaking volunteers. The plan was 350 of them would travel from San Antonio to Portland. When we reached out to Portland, Maine they said, ‘Please don’t send us any more. We’re already stretched way beyond our capacity. So we’re working with them [the migrants] now to identify other cities throughout the United States where they can go and begin their asylum seeking process.”

Nothing wrong with that, it’s noble, ignoring that the that their very entry into the country is a violation of US law. Then there’s the small matter of the Congo (I refuse to add Democratic Republic of ) being currently in the throes of the second-worst Ebola outbreak in world history, with over 2,000 cases reported. Ebola is highly contagious and deadly in 90% of cases. Vomiting blood is one of its many horrific symptoms, but we can all agree that it’s better than being called a xenophobe. I predict that the city will long for the good old days when all they had to worry about was Chick Fil-A giving money to Christian causes.

The photos above are, respectively, but not respectfully, Joy Butler, Laura Humpf and Kacyla Pessoa/Rosana Candido. Some people’s actions and ideas are simply despicable, and often their appearance is a match. I was at first reluctant to publish this post today, so as not to sully Father’s Day. However, on reflection, I am also a father and got a huge laugh out of Jim Goad’s descriptions of those, ahem, females….or whatever they are. I generally love women, just not those who mutilate and kill their male children, nor teach anti-whiteness yoga, or demonize an innocent game that kids love. Happy Father’s Day!