Translating Julian Castro.

Spanish for WTF

“I don’t believe only in reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive justice. And, you know, what that means is that just because a woman or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female, if poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose. And so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion. More than that, everybody in this crowd and watching at home knows that in our country today, a person’s right to choose is under assault in places like Missouri and Alabama, in Georgia. I would appoint judges to the federal bench that understand the precedent of roe V. Wade and will respect it and in addition to that make sure that we fight hard as we transition our health care system to one where everybody can get and exercise that right.” So says previously invisible Democrat presidential wannabe Julian Castro. He isn’t invisible anymore. That comment, and others like it during the “debate” garnered money and expressions of support on his Twitter feed.

This guy must have worked in the Ingsoc Ministry of Truth, because his statement reads like something out of 1984, from which the following quote is taken: “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink. The ministry of Truth spreads a new language amongst the populace called Newspeak, in which, for example, “truth” is understood to mean statements like 2 + 2 = 5 when the situation warrants. In keeping with the concept of doublethink, the ministry is thus aptly named in that it creates/manufactures “truth” in the Newspeak sense of the word.” For those of us who are too dense to understand his statement, allow me to translate into plainer English.

“I believe in the freedom to kill your preborn child while calling the act reproductive freedom, even though it actually terminates reproduction. But there are some barriers to extending this sacrament choice that need to be eliminated. Barrier one is the prejudice of narrow minded bigots against women who don’t have a uterus and who actually aren’t carrying babies fetuses but still want the sacrament choice of reproductive freedom. That includes transsexual former males who now superficially look female, and former females who had their uterus removed and/or took hormones to make their uterus nonfunctional. Why should they be denied?

The second barrier—and here’s where true reproductive justice resides—is the financial cost of the choice sacrament. Every woman, pregnant or not, biologically female or not, deserves to get money from the taxpayers government for this secular sacrament, and I misspoke when I said “I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion” because I am not using my own money, but using other people’s money, that’s OPM, to fund reproductive freedom. Since the “other people” are you all, that will confer an honorary reproductive justice champion medal for every taxpayer, whether you want it or not. (We know what’s good for you, even when you don’t).” But I won’t stop there in the long march for reproductive justice. Women who are not pregnant, and lack a uterus, should not be left out when it comes to fleecing the taxpayers. Whatever our favorite charity—Planned Nonparenthood—charges for aborting the preborns, the unpregnant trans woman(?) should receive the same amount from government.

”I would appoint federal judges who will anoint a judicial version of Sherman’s March, through those regressive, oppressive states like Missouri, Alabama, and Georgia, because Roe V. Wade is the Old Testament Book of Judges—my favorite—writ large. Those people really understood freedom and justice. After, doesn’t it end with “everyone did what was right in their own mind?” That’s what we need more of!”

Are these blatantly stupid ideas ushering in a new “ruling elite”?

If you can’t stick your head up your butt, the next best thing…

LGBTQ issues: A new poll suggests the younger generation might be trending in a more conservative direction. John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll, which conducted the GLAAD-backed survey, said the findings are “very alarming and signal a looming social crisis in discrimination.” Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton, sees the data differently. He told Christian Headlines the survey’s results could indicate a new trend. “The gay movement continues to over-play its hand,” he said. “Rather than simply being ‘live and let live,’ they are forcing Americans to embrace their politics, and often with overwhelming muscle and the life-crushing public accusations of a person’s so-called ‘bigotry’ and ‘hatefulness’ if they dare disagree.

Who is right? Further analysis of the data shows that the majority cisgender people of both (biological) sexes would not date a transsexual and are not attracted to them. GLAAD says that is due to rising “prejudice” and Trump’s LGBTQ unfriendly policies. Really??? What do you think?

Student loan forgiveness: Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich responded on Tuesday to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) legislation calling for taxpayers to take over the nation’s $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, saying individuals should be responsible for their own college expenses.Ocasio-Cortez said she was a 19-year-old college student herself when she was trying to advise Andrea, then a 17-year-old high school student, whether it would be a good idea to go to her dream college in light of the cost. I think that, in an of itself, illustrates the absurdity of our educating financing system. That alone illustrates it,” said AOC. Pavlich, 30, was not buying it. In a Twitter post, she wrote: “Not my responsibility to pay for your ‘dream college.’ Your dream, your choice, your debt. Not mine or anyone else’s. It’s called personal responsibility.” Who is right? Let’s see what each woman chose for herself.

Pavlich attended the University of Arizona (a public college in her home state), graduating in 2010. According to U.S. News & World Report, the in-state tuition and fees are now approximately $12,000 per year. In 2010, tuition was about $7,000 per year. By contrast, AOC graduated from Boston University in 2011, a private school where the tuition and fees now run about $54,000 per year. In 2011, tuition was about $40,000 per year. Guess which one has the college debt?

Slavery Reparations: Is your position on reparations like where you stand on immigration? Is your stand on such issues related to the merits or wisdom of a given policy, or an indication of whether or not you are a good person? Leftists, Democrats and media pundits say “If you oppose reparations—just like if you oppose immigration or gay marriage or transgenderism—you are not a good person. In fact, you are part of the problem. You are helping to perpetrate the injustice at the heart of America, and therefore culpable. At a minimum, you can’t be allowed a say in how the country is governed, not anymore.” But this won’t be enough, because reparations aren’t really about outcomes or disparities or public spending. They are about sorting out Americans, separating the good from the wicked and making sure everyone knows the difference. Are they really about ushering in a new regime and new ruling elite? Or are these fools merely Dunning-Kruger puppets?