BBQ Nazi-hunter: The twit tweets. And a LGBT gender dispute.

Where’s the MAGA hat?

His name, if his tweets can be believed, is TJ Helmstetter @The TJHelm. His complaints, being aired on Twitter, show what a twit he is: “Just got thrown out of Hill Country DC for standing up to a Nazi. Don’t go there ever again. They support Trump and Nazis.” “Guy wears MAGA hat at my favorite restaurant. I say ‘hey are you from dc?’ He says ‘no.’ I say ‘we don’t tolerate racism in this city.’ His girlfriend then physically jabs fingers into my chest and starts threatening me. Management tells me to leave, not woman who assaulted me.” Where did this miscarriage of justice occur? At the Hill Country BBQ, a popular joint in D.C. which opened when Texan George W. Bush was President. It’s a Texas pit styled barbecue, and as a representative of it’s kind, it is sure to attract many Trump supporters among it’s diverse crowd. Until TJ decided to harass a random guy wearing a MAGA hat, basically calling him a racist and Nazi, essentially telling him he was not welcome in TJ’s restaurant, diners generally ate their food in peace, with each other.

Read the tweets carefully. Just because a total stranger is wearing a hat, TJ decides to call him racist and imply he should leave the city, which happens to be the nation’s capital. Then the guy’s girlfiend jabs him in the chest, he cries “assault”, and tells the world not to go back to his (formerly) favorite restaurant, and he can’t figure out why management wanted him gone.

Helmstetter then doubles down on being a asshat, and decided it’d be a good idea to squeal that he was assaulted and run to Twitter with his harrowing story. Even better, when contacted, the restaurant did the right thing and didn’t kowtow to the possible mob being summoned by yet another wimpy, asinine tweet: “Just called the manager there and his answer was ‘we are an equal opportunity restaurant who welcomes all political viewpoints’ before hanging up on me. cool, except MAGA hats actually make clear that POC and LGBT are not welcome at all.

Is he a POC (that’s person of color i.e. more melanin than you, for the unwoke) or LGBT (we all know what that is, unfortunately)? He is wrong, everyone is welcome there. To clear up his confusion, when you violate someone’s personal space and harass them in a private setting, there is some amount of push back allowed. No one is getting arrested and charged with assault for putting their fingers into your chest and telling you to step back. Kurt Schlicter, one of my favorite commentators, responded with his own tweet. @KurtSchlicter: “I’ve never been beaten up by a girl. What’s it like?”

Speaking of girls beating up on somebody and being shown the door, London goes beyond DC. The National Theatre has become embroiled in a bitter war of words after a group of lesbians was refused service in its Green Room bar in the run-up to London’s Pride celebrations. The small group, who arrived with placards, included Anne Ruzylo, a political activist and former member of the Bexhill and Battle Labour party, who on Friday night was one of those who complained on Twitter. Ruzylo, who was wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Lesbian: a woman who loves other women”, tweeted that staff at the Green Room had “called the police to have women and lesbians removed because they don’t like the T-shirts we are wearing”.

On Friday night the theater said on Twitter that it “respected and valued our trans staff, company and audience members. As such, if the behavior of visitors impinges on their ability to feel supported and safe, we will take action.” The women and their supporters claim their treatment at the hands of staff, who called the police, was a response to their campaigning stance in the gender-identity dispute. So here we have a “gender-identity dispute”between lesbians wearing a T-shirt that implies they are “real” women, and the “fake” women on staff were offended. The reporter from The Guardian didn’t specify whether the trans “women” were males who got “female lookalike” surgery or females who got “male lookalike surgery.” Actually, I’m not sure it matters.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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