Is ugly a cure for “fatphobia”?

Sonalee Rashatwar, a “fat-positivity therapist,” has a large following on Instagram. “Her” bonafides include: being a “non-binary” activist who is “anti-cop, anti-U.S. government, anti-military,” and interested in “undoing Western civilization”, with the main focus on curing the world of “fatphobia,” which is a residual effect of “colonial brutality.” Rashatwar of course has been heralded by the far left, including feminist outlets like Bitch Media and Refinery29. The services offered by her center include a workshop called “Food as a Viable Coping Tool.” Though she identifies as “non-binary”, the picture above makes it somewhat clear that if there are any Y chromosomes in her makeup, they aren’t dominant. The glasses are the dead giveaway, so I will use female (sorry, I can’t apply the word feminine to someone who looks like her) pronouns.

She became semi-famous when featured in Breitbart in 2018 “for naming thinness as a white supremacist beauty ideal.” I can most definitely assure her that she will not be upheld as any kind of beauty ideal, except by gaunt, starving primitive cannibalistic tribes. In her own words, she has become a “sought-after speaker who travels internationally to curate custom visual workshops that whisper to our change-making spirit and nourish our vision for a more just future.
Sought after in the highlands of Borneo and New Guinea maybe, or among the Ubangi or by circus sideshow promoters. I am surprised she hasn’t marketed her name more. Rah-Shat-War, like a cheer for having shat war.

Her Instagram account delves even further into her world views. One post says that Rashatwar keeps “a talisman of every religion by my front door–just in case. I don’t believe in God, but…I keep all my bases covered to be safe!” Her prized possession is a rosary from Fatima, a Catholic item, but she is decidedly not Catholic. However, in her war against Fatphobia, fat white people beware: there’s a scale of oppression and you barely move the needle. “If you are not the most marginalized, sometimes that’s covert white supremacy still needing to be unlearned.” And finally, putting a child on a diet “can be a violation of consent,” according to Rashatwar. Previously, Rashatwar made headlines when she claimed that “fitness trainers” were like Nazis. Nazi because they order you around, or because they disagree with your fat ethics, or just because throwing out the term signals the virtue that you aren’t one? Just like with the word gay, overusing a word in the wrong context causes forgetting what it once meant. My own children barely know what a nazi actually was, and their children will probably wonder, “what’s the big deal? I figure it must be bad from the way old people use it, but what does it mean?”

Admittedly I am being very unkind. However, I can be excused for my “covert white supremacy needing to be unlearned”, because being made in the image of God is really the only good reason to be kind to another person, and she doesn’t believe in God, so what would be her cause for complaint? Stupid question, she doesn’t need a cause, complaining itself is her cause.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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