The really famous get name abbreviations to be cool.

I’m with stupid…

LBJ, OBJ, DJax, CP3, MJ, JFK, FDR, ARod, JLo, UBL, AOC. Most of us, and practically all sports fans, will recognize who the letters designate. Some three letter abbreviations break the pattern of initials of first, middle and last name, like LeBron James (middle name Raymond, so why not LRJ?) or Odell Beckham jr. (shouldn’t it be OCB, with a middle name of Cornelious, or maybe he doesn’t want anyone to ask what his middle name is?) or Chris Paul (his middle name is Emmanuel, but his jersey is 3), though sports and entertainment celebrities seem to break a lot of conventions. Desean Jackson and Alex Rodriguez have the first initial of their first name and the first three letters of their last name, the even more famous Jennifer Lopez only needs the first two of her last name, and the most famous one of all, Michael Jordan, needs only two letters total to be recognized. Politicians are not as cool as other celebrities, but a few really historically famous ones, Lyndon Baines Johnson, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt get the three-letter treatment. Even arch villains like Usama Bin Laden get the three letter treatment. But how do we explain AOC? Why is she famous? What for? If her tedious string of spectacular and public gaffes is any indication, she is famous for being an updated version of deep throat. Not the secret source of Watergate scandal type, but the Linda Lovelace pornography type, only deep throating her foot rather than something else.

  • Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings’ committee called in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib as “expert” (very low bar) witnesses on the border, stemming from wild claims that AOC made a few weeks ago involving her visit to a border facility in El Paso, TX. While there, she claimed not only that the Border Patrol agents physically and sexually threatened her, but that she witnessed a woman being told to drink out of the toilet. Neither was true, nor did she even try to present evidence. When questioned by a sympathetic reporter, she rolled up the window of her vehicle and ignored the question.
  • At the beginning of the hearing she conspicuously requested a swearing in. There was absolutely no reason for her to be sworn in here. Congressional members don’t get sworn in and it’s against the law to lie to Congress whether you raise your right hand or not. This was all pure theatrics on her part.
  • She would, of course, go on to lie some more, though no one complains more than she about Trump’s lies (lying for a “good cause” isn’t really lying, even if the cause is promoting AOC). “What’s worse, Mr. Chairman, was the fact that there were American flags hanging all over these facilities,” she said. “That children were being separated from their parents in front of the American flag, that women were being called these names under an American flag, we cannot allow for this.” Whether or not there were American flags present (she never entered the facility), what flag would we expect to see at a United States government facility, the flag of Mexico, or Guatemala or Honduras? Are we to assume that she really cares about how our flag is perceived?
  • Her chief of staff compared moderate Democrats (???) to southern segregationists (who were mostly Democrats anyway) then she accused Nancy Pelosi of being a racist for objecting to that characterization. The congressional black caucus then objected to AOC calling Pelosi racist. Is this a form of racism musical chairs?
  • Thanks to her efforts and those of her House colleagues of color, our real citizens have to put up with crap like:
  • Hundreds of protesters had gathered in Aurora, Colo., outside the federal facility that holds illegal immigrants, to protest ICE raids scheduled to begin last Sunday in Denver and other major U.S. cities, FOX 31 Denver reported. The protest, part of a network of #LightsForLiberty events, also dubbed the “March to Close Concentration Camps,” called for detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border to be closed and for all immigrants being held in those locations to be granted entry to the U.S. Just what every community needs.
  • Authorities in Colorado restored an American flag to its place Friday evening after protesters demonstrating outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility pulled down the star-spangled banner and flew the flag of Mexico in its place. The protesters also removed a “Blue Lives Matter” flag, honoring law enforcement, spray-painted it with the words “Abolish ICE,” then raised the flag upside-down, on a pole next to the Mexican flag, according to local media. Anyone for deporting these protesters? Yea!

It may not be a long time coming until AOC and some of her colleagues take their place as an enemy of our country as famous, though not as infamous, as UBL. I wonder why she, and Tlaib, and Omar, and for that matter, Ayanna Pressley, are surprised that so many citizens that appreciate our country are hoping they take permanent sabbaticals to the more perfect country of their choice. Even worse than that would be having the power to implement their “solutions” to our problems. Then we can all experience Venezuela without getting on a plane or buying a ticket. Just can’t wait.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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