Take this Cultural Bias test.

I created this test based on actual experiences I have had in neighborhoods in which I lived, cities I have visited, and cultures and individuals I have interacted with. The caveats are: there is no correct answer; if you don’t like any of the choices, you may add your own; you may choose more than one answer; the answers you choose reflect the stereotypes and prejudices we have about that specific situation, not necessarily what we think of representatives of the particular group in other situations; that something is a stereotype or prejudice doesn’t make it untrue; we all generalize about people from limited experience, your experience is real for you, and there have been no actual statistical studies that I am aware of on these measures. Can it be said that a particular demographic is more likely than a different demographic to harbor certain attitudes and engage in certain behaviors? I don’t know, but I do know this: culture is “downstream” from worship/religion and a product of what most of the population believes about truth and their God (that is, whose in charge of morality).

1. You have moved to a new neighborhood, and immediately notice all the litter on the sidewalk and in the street. Then each day you observe multiple incidences of someone throwing trash on the ground, often with a waste bin handy. Most of the offenders are: a. Asian females b. Black males c. Women wearing hijabs d. White males e. White females, or fill in your own.

2. You took your kids to Disneyland yesterday, and another amusement park the following month. The Disneyland lines were long, but very well managed by the staff. The 2nd park was very frustrating because so many people simply cut in line as if they were entitled. A couple times you said something, and got either baleful stares or threats. The second park was located in a. Eastern Washington b. Southern California close to the border c. Ohio d. New Jersey, or fill in your own.

3. You traveled to a foreign city, and noticed that despite how crowded it was, there was no visible trash to be seen. You observed residents carrying empty bottles and cans until they found a recycling bin, and pocketing trash if a waste bin was not handy. This city was most likely a. Nanking China b. Mumbai India c. Tokyo Japan d. Sydney Australia, or fill in your own.

4. You are on a business trip with a female colleague, and both of you are angry that she is frequently harassed by catcalls and even patting her butt as she walks by. The city you are in is most likely a. Rome Italy b. Bangkok Thailand c. Riyadh Saudi Arabia d. Mumbai India, or fill in.

5. You are walking on a deserted U.S. street late at night, and suddenly become aware of footfalls of a group behind you. You don’t want to turn around nor run, and the demographic you most hope those footfalls don’t belong to is a. White male b. Asian male c. Black male d. A woman of any race, or fill in.

6. I am about to order dinner in the same restaurant in a moderate sized US city that I have visited three times in the past, each time 10 years apart. Looking about me, I start to lose my appetite as I notice numerous very fat brown skinned families shoveling impressive quantities of high fat and calorie food into their mouths. Each time I have been here, the numbers of these families appears to have increased. Two part question. What I notice is the result of a. Immigration b. Democrat politics c. Global hunger d. Cigarette warnings e. Fill in.

This city is most likely a. Madras, Oregon b. Redding, California c. Wenatchee, Washington d. Moscow, Idaho e. Fill in.

As I said, these situations were based on my experiences, all except one. Which one have I not been present for? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5 f. 6.

I did not witness #4, but based on the volume of accounts I have read, the only choice that’s very unlikely is c. Riyadh, the others are equally likely and Mumbai is the most dangerous for a woman. If I had said, instead of catcalls and pats, “caning”, then Riyadh would be most likely.

#1, the only neighborhoods I have lived in were either majority white or majority black, and the only examples of conspicuous littering I have seen were from choice b. Often I would ask them,”why trash our neighborhood?” The most common answer was some variation of “if the MAN doesn’t care about how I live, why should I?” That attitude was rare when I was a child growing up in a mixed neighborhood, but it increased with the general deterioration of personal responsibility in the 1960’s, and the metastasis of the entitlement mentality.

#2, the park was Legoland, near San Diego, and the constant line jumping ruined the entire experience. I have visited theme parks in those other areas and never saw either line jumping or even line policing. Yes, all the line jumpers were Hispanic, and all were family groups. If I were to guess what was going on, I would be inclined to say that many of these people were Mexicans just visiting for the day, and if that’s the case, this behavior might be like a middle finger to us gringos. Theme parks I have visited in those other places had plenty of Hispanic visitors, but line jumping was very rare.

#3, c. Tokyo is as crowded as Nanking or Mumbai, but the streets were spotless, and not because of cleaning crews. Every pedestrian I observed the month I lived there would carry trash or recyclables on their person however long it took to find an appropriate receptacle. The two gross city pictures above are Nanking and Mumbai, the spotless one is Tokyo, and the mountain trash was left behind by “environmentally conscious” mountaineers. Another phenomenon I witnessed multiple times in a month in Tokyo were shoplifters and purse snatchers being chased by male pedestrians, tackled and restrained until police arrived. Oh yeah, the police didn’t carry firearms, but didn’t spare the truncheon.

#5, I’m white, and have encountered groups of blacks, Asians and Hispanics while alone at night, I must confess that I never experienced a problem with any of them. For me, it’s more a matter of how they are dressed and whether they are being mock aggressive towards each other vs. I conversing relatively quietly. I would much rather encounter a group of black males dressed like lawyers, than white male skinheads or Asian males swaggering around. I will further add that now that I am disabled and walk with a cane, at least in Spokane Washington where I live, I have experienced every demographic go out of their way to be helpful.

#6, part 1, a and b. Part 2, a, b, c. These cities are all in central Washington, Oregon and California, along route 97. While I don’t object to legal immigration nor the explosion of Mexican restaurants, nor brown skins per se, I am disgusted by obese, ugly, overeating people of any race. The worst thing about immigration is that if this trend of people who love fat and calories and appear to have little concern for how they look continues, this country won’t have to worry about climate change flooding our coastal cities, because the whole country will be sinking due to obesity! Call me racist if you can’t help it, but I know that you agree with me, unless you’re one of those I’m referring to.

My other thoughts about these experiences: 1. Cultures have a significant effect on individual behavior. That idea gets the most support in Japan. I would say that the culture of Japan affects every action from the smallest to the largest. Even though Japan also has the Yakuza, as vicious a criminal enterprise as you will find anywhere, the ordinary citizens, including women, generally feel safe. On the other hand, India, which our counterculture seems to regard as enlightened, experiences frequent violent upheavals of Hindus against women, Christians, Muslims and lower castes. 2. People who are law abiding in their own culture might severely disrespect the laws of other countries. German tourists are an example. (As Churchill once said, “the Hun is either at your throat or at your feet.”). When I was a park ranger in Yellowstone for six seasons, I saw countless examples of foreign tourists abusing and disregarding the park, the signs, the laws, and the Germans were the worst. How did I know? I would point out to someone that he was standing right next to a waste bin and a do not litter sign, while tossing his cigarette butts and trash on the ground. Their common response was to say they enjoy breaking the laws of countries that don’t enforce them, particularly the United States, and specifically national parks. I say “send ’em back.”

3. I am far more willing to generalize about cultures, religions and countries from the individuals living in those countries than I am to generalize from individuals living in our country, whether or not I am right. My generalizations include: Japanese in Japan tend to be cleaner, more helpful and respectful than most cultures, including those living here; Muslims living in Islamic dominant countries tend to be more violent with other religions than they are when living in our country; Germans in Germany tend to be more passive and guilt ridden than when they go somewhere else; large segments of every country south of the United States tend to be dirtier, more abusive to their environment, more brutal and less law abiding in their own countries than when they are here. Simply saying I believe that the environment, culture and history of our country tames some of the worst impulses that people give reign to in their own country. My experience with Japanese living here vs. in Japan is the exception, those I have known personally were very civil regardless of where they lived.

Yes, of course I know that I am expressing stereotypes and prejudice, but tell me you never entertain such thoughts…..unless you’re a white leftist or Perfectionist Progressive. In that case, don’t bother answering because it will just be a lie.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

4 thoughts on “Take this Cultural Bias test.”

  1. Ha! Thank you, I enjoyed reading this. It is absolutely maddening to me that young people have been so politically indoctrinated that we cannot even have these kind of frank and open discussions. You know who has prejudices?? Everybody. We heal them by talking about them. We make them worse by screaming false accusations at others and declaring everyone else is racist.


    1. I like to heal by laughing at stuff. I would never gratuitously insult someone nor refer to their weight, but tell me that anybody who isn’t obese and carefully evaluating what and how much they will eat, isn’t thinking “what a bunch of fat slobs.”

      Liked by 1 person

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