Get over yourself….or not. I don’t care.

Yesterday there was a “police-involved” “hate incident.” Where? The key is police involved. It must be Europe, and indeed it was in the most liberal and diverse city in Europe, London. A man rocking full rainbow 🌈 gear, was called out by a woman rocking a full niqab, that’s a hijab 🧕 that covers the whole body, in black, natch. “Shame on you, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” I have the following objections to what she said: my name is Steve, and she took my name in vain by equating Steve with the “wife” of Adam; it was not original; she never asked him if his name was Adam, nor whether his lover was Steve. Apart from those three, I couldn’t care less. She continued, “shame on all of you, you despicable people, you shameless people.” His comeback was more original, taking the high road, “we still love you, you will not shame me.”

Of course, this being London, her being anonymous, him being known, her being Muslim, his response was probably prudent given he could have been in the crosshairs of a sniper. Did I mention this was London? Of course, the Brit politicians had to jump in to declare, “such hatred isn’t acceptable anywhere let alone in our hometown.” Actually, it’s acceptable everywhere in Muslim dominant countries, so save your ignorant yapping. The Metropolitan police were investigating. Since rainbow warriors and Muslims are both intersectionality protected groups, the police are probably looking for a way to denounce both sets of comments as hate, because if the gay guy gets exonerated, then the niqab girl is guilty of hate, which is a riot in the making. The worst thing about the whole shebang is that the police will be spending more time investigating this incident than real crimes.

If I have offended the following constituencies with this post so far–Europe, London, Muslims, homos, metropolitan police, or anyone who simply choose to take up offense for any of the foregoing–good, that’s my intent. Hopefully, the title of my post gave it away. Call me islamophobic, homophobic, racist (de rigeur), europhobic, Londonphobic, niqabophobic, or just plain asshole, I collect insults, chew on them, swallow them, and shit them out…preferably on someone on the ground groveling an proforma apology for having offended someone else.

Am I just a bit out of touch with the cultural zeitgeist of North America and Europe. Yes, I hope so. This is how I write, but in person I am polite, considerate and more often than not, kind. I don’t insult people, nor start fights, nor line jump. This morning I was in a huge single lane traffic mess on I-5 near Vacaville, California, and when I saw the sign “right lane closed ahead”, I immediately got in the left lane while uncountable cars and trucks zoomed by on the right, trying to get as far ahead as possible, thus being more responsible for the slowdown than the lane closure itself. I am not one of those, are you? Erica Thomas, a fat ugly legislator from Georgia recently got in the “10 items or less” checkout lane at a grocery store with an almost full cart, and when a Cuban man behind opined that she was in the wrong lane, she went ballistic on him, yelling that he should go back where he came from, then lying, accused him of saying that to her! I am not that type, are you? Isn’t she the kind to be quick to take offense?

In fact, I firmly believe that those who get most quickly and easily offended are the very ones most likely to jump lines, lanes, lie about others and generally be piss-pots. Why am I so critical of hyper get-offenders? The case of “Jessica Yaniv” is the evolution of “getting offended-as-hate-crime.” Jim Goad sums up: Jonathan is his birth name, and as far as I’m aware it’s still his legal name, although he insists on being called “Jessica.” He also insists that he’s a woman, despite the fact that he still has a penis, testicles, and a deep voice. By his own admission, he has not undergone any sex-organ modification surgery…yet. To my knowledge, he only started calling himself a woman within the past few years, although he’s been fixated on very young girls and their tampons since at least 2013. Yaniv sought to have publication of his name banned when he made international headlines after filing 16 human-rights complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal alleging that 16 estheticians were guilty of transphobic discrimination because they refused to wax his balls. 

Because of the way this “Human Rights Tribunal” is configured, the legal complaints cost Yaniv nothing, but each of the 16 women he targeted were required to shell out around $20-$30K to retain a lawyer to defend them or else pay a penalty of around $35K—assuming there were any lawyers willing to defend them way up yonder in Canada, where accusations of “transphobia” are a modern scarlet letter.

I admonish you to view this YouTube video of a reporter trying to interview Yaniv at the Tribunal. I think you will agree, the best solution for Yaniv and his mother is euthanasia. It’s too late in Canada to suggest getting over himself.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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    1. I get it out of my system for awhile, then I watch some Monty Python or Seinfeld, and realize I will never win the satire derby against those gold standards. Then I read something which gets me going again. If you like funny (and true) rants, try I don’t foresee being consistent enough for a daily rant–I’m too lazy.


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