How to know if you are racist.

I have previously defined racism as: Part 1, Racial Animosity (i.e. hating someone for the color of their skin) and Part 2, Racial Vainglory (i.e. claiming your skin color makes you superior). The charge of racism has become the default “tar baby” (oops) of the age, from the slavering maws of the corporate media, Democrats, race and grievance hustlers (every time I see a picture of icon of this hustle, he more closely resembles a concentration camp survivor), college crybabies, leftists of every and any stripe, Antifa ne’er do wells sallying forth from mom’s basement to throw concrete milkshakes while hiding behind masks….well, you get the idea. If you wonder, “is it I, Lord?” here’s a test. I am writing this for a Christian conservative.

  1. a. I would rather my daughter marry someone of our race no matter what God he worships; b. I would rather my daughter marry someone who worships the same God we do, even if he’s a different race, than someone of the same race who worships a different God/no God.
  2. a. I would only vote for a person of my race, regardless of their policies; b. I vote on the basis of policies rather than race.
  3. a. I would rather see 9 liberal justices of my race on the Supreme Court; b. I would rather see 9 conservative justices on the Supreme Court regardless of race.
  4. a. If I owned a company, I would give hiring preference to my own race; b. I would hire on the basis of ability, regardless of race.

The true racist is unlikely to even recognize that all the “a” responses indicate racial animosity and racial vainglory combined, because their worldview is “of course I would.” All the “b” responses are what I call “race-irrelevant.” I don’t use the term “colorblind” because we see skin color and sex immediately. Denying this is so makes you a liar.

Also notice I never specified which race I am, nor which race the questions are intended for. Any race can be racist. Racism is simply “race first, last and always.” I now want to address the person who charges “racist!” based on words rather than actions, or who applies that term to groups, or who makes such charges without having asked the accused what they believe. you are the racist.