Democratic Socialist Apocalypse Now!

Another “free for all”

The Democratic Socialists of America (how dare they use that term America, don’t they know it elevates the USA?) Conference, Chicago, 2019, is quite a circus. Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong comments after an outburst of “gendered language” protest: “Real life is worse than that BBC skit making fun of social justice warriors offended by everything.” Cheong also called the person who complained about gendered language a “manchild.” Sorry Ian, which BBC skit? How about dozens from Monty Python’s Flying Circus? Manchild? Where’s the man part?

Later, Cheong flagged that a delegate from New York (also using the “he/him” pronouns) objected to the “tactical” use of the term “democratic” in “democratic socialists,” as a way to market the socialist ideology to Americans (Americans? Stop already). Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are three of the most prominent self-described “democratic socialists” in the Democratic Party. What’s this “self-styled” business? They really have no convictions beyond “what will promote me, what will reinforce my own goodness and show up everyone who doesn’t agree as evil”.

Satirist Titania McGrath (real name Andrew Doyle) mocked the whole thing: “POINT OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE! Could the individual who called out the offensively gendered language of the individual who called out the sensory overload of the aggressive whispering please refrain from speaking at such an excessive triggering volume.” Incredibly, even the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel couldn’t resist piling on: He (cisgender, I suppose) suggested the moment could take the wind out of some of President Trump’s dire warnings about the impending threat of socialism. “This clip has one DSA delegate saying ‘whispering and chatter’ gives him sensory overload, and another asking for gendered terms not to be used,” Weigel said. “Depending on the day, socialists are a terrifying force ready to overthrow the government, or a collection of snowflakes to laugh at.

I have to admit, given that the United States is ruled by a Constitution (it really is, despite occasional appearances to the contrary) which places power in the hands of the citizens rather than military force (unlike countries which actually implemented socialism), I have no realistic fear of that changing any time soon–like within the next century …or two. While this is going on, real Americans (yeah, too bad) are lining up at blood banks in El Paso and Dayton to give blood for the shooting victims, while others are handing out pizza and snacks and bottles of water to them ….FOR FREE! Yes, free stuff really exists…..when it’s voluntary! Take that, DSA’s.

One act of hatred meets 100 acts of love.

From Peter Heck, “That’s a video taken outside a blood bank in El Paso.  Those are people who aren’t on Twitter.  They aren’t concerned with blaming people or pointing fingers.  They’re there to offer their blood.  They overwhelmed the blood banks.  And the ones who aren’t offering their blood are handing out free pizza, free Gatorade, free water.  And by “free” I mean free to those who are there to help.  It was purchased or donated by others who are there to help.  Real Americans. And notice something else about those Americans.  There are white ones, Hispanic ones, black ones, ones wearing yarmulkes, others crosses, others nothing but t-shirts and shorts.

“One act of hatred meets a hundred acts of love.  It is possible, even in this era, to put down the cup of wrath we are so quick to pour out on others, and choose instead to serve and sacrifice for our fellow man.  We see it in the wake of tragedy and terror.  If we could learn to make it reality every day, we still have a chance.”

A truly brilliant blog post too: