Of parrots and parody

roses are red, violets are blue, Trump is racist and so are you.

“Awk (imagine parrot sounds) Polly want a conspiracy theory/someone to blame, awk, white terrorism, awk Trump, awk white privilege, awk racism, awk Republicans, awk Dayton shooter leftist”, oops…..there goes the narrative. Have you conversed with any parrots lately?

Polly: “what do you think of white terrorism?”

Me: “Before trying to answer, I want you to define terrorism.”

Polly: “Bad people using guns to create terror?”

Me: “Do we want to be accurate here? By your definition, any use of guns in any situation that leaves someone scared is ‘terrorism’. My definition is: ‘Use of systematic violence against non-combatants or civilians as a tactic to win political concessions or to overthrow the established order.’ It is also called ‘asymmetric warfare’ by the military.”

Polly: “What’s your point then?”

Me: “Since your definition of terrorism is used by the Perfectionist Progressive media and politicians (not explicitly, but by applying the word to mass shootings by any white guy, they are using Polly’s definition by default) to call any shooting by a white man white terrorism, but then every shooting by a black person is also black terrorism, every shooting by an Asian is Asian terrorism, every shooting by a Hispanic is Hispanic terrorism. That’s a great way to invalidate the very term itself.”

Polly: “If rhetoric requires precise definition of terms, like your definition, we would have to educate people on what something actually is before whipping up outrage and fear over it. Trump might be re-elected by then. Hundreds of tv and online commentators, political and media consultants would be out of a job.”

Me: “You should be excited by that prospect. A bad unemployment report could hurt Trump’s re-election.”

Polly: “A silver lining indeed.”

Me: While we’re on the subject of parrots, how about Rosanna Arquette? I’m sorry I was born white and privileged,” the progressive activist tweeted. “It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame. During her long history as an actress in movies and television, Rosanna, 59, notably appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction,” and the 1996 film “Crash.” Well Rosanna, considering your film highlights, I am also sorry…you were born at all. Since your estimated net worth is over $9 million, you could give away some of that disgusting privilege, maybe even to darker skinned people. Or not….they’ll probably blow it on skin whitening, since that is obviously a prerequisite for success.

Just remember the bottom line about simple minded narratives, unthinking accusations and name-calling “demonization.” All that’s a sport for stupid people to be led around by demagoguery and propaganda, by equally stupid people who think they’re smart. Whether self-parody or parrotry, the evidence is clear, there’s a lot more stupid than smart people in the world. Which are you?