The “diversity” monster.

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When I was looking on Bing for images of “stoplight walk signs” for a blog post, I added the word “diversity” to “walk signs.” What I was hoping for was images of non-white stick figures. What I got was same sex couples and transsexual symbols. It made me wonder, “is diversity being hijacked by the LGBTQ+ stormtroopers community?” Are they really a community?

Pastor David Robertson recently received a letter from Elizabeth Guest, a scientist who is also autistic. I am including most of the letter here, because she is explaining a new spin on “diversity”.

I am writing to tell you about the neurodiversity movement. A common problem with autism is sensory sensitivities where the senses are too sensitive. Noise is a very common hypersensitivity, which really nothing can be done about. Having it can be very difficult. It is perfectly possible that he was struggling to focus because of people talking. (She is referring to an outburst by someone at the recent Democratic Socialism2019 conference who insisted that people in the audience “stop chatting.”).

I am autistic and I too find conference situations difficult because people do like to chat. When this happens, I struggle to focus on the conversation I am supposed to be having. It can be so bad that I get bits of sentences from different conversations, which (of course) does not make sense. The solution is to go and find somewhere quieter. What was going on in the video clip was from the ‘neurodiversity’ movement.

“‘Neurodiversity essentially means autism although other conditions are included to make it more inclusive. This movement promotes the ideas that autism is an identity and if you are disabled by society, society should accommodate you completely (this is actually impossible because autism is a very heterogeneous condition) Personally, I think that this is a load of dangerous nonsense.

But many autistic people have been taken in by it. It gives them a community which kind of understands. However, in order to be part of this you have to agree with everything, including a strong stance in favour of LGBTQ+. For many people, it is the first time they have felt accepted as they are. It is comforting to blame society for your problems. (LGBT activism does this too) However a side effect is that they want everyone else to fully accommodate them, even if this makes other people uncomfortable.

I do workplace assessments for autistic employees and we are increasingly coming across those who provide me with a long list of unreasonable ‘reasonable adjustments’ they think their employer should make. Under these circumstances, my recommendations generally include a list of ‘reasonable adjustments’ the employee should make for their colleagues. The autistic employee is not happy because they think an autistic assessor should agree with them. The employers are very happy because I am impartial and listen to both sides.

“I suspect by now, that certain aspects are starting to sound familiar. And yes, they are trying to use LGBT techniques to encourage/force society to change in their favour. As someone who disagrees with them, I am accused of ‘internalized ableism’. However, I struggle to get my head around the idea of ‘ableism’. Just as in LGBTQ+, they are very abusive to those who disagree. There are many autistic people, generally those with more severe autism and a scientific bent, who do not agree with them. They also abuse parents of autistic children who are struggling with their children. I think this is appalling

And guess what: they have also infiltrated research and the medical profession. The guy in the video has probably subscribed to the neurodiversity movement. His request was aimed at helping him to function. Personally I think it unreasonable to expect everyone around me not to chat to each other. People like to chat. Social chit chat is about building relationships, and that should not be denied to people. The solution is to find a quieter place–where you will find others who prefer quieter places. Autism does not have a monopoly on sensory issues. It is just not possible to accommodate everyone all of the time!”

Elizabeth also provides this helpful table contrasting aspects of the different ideologies.

Screenshot 2019-08-16 at 08.29.08

“Special interests” used to mean corporate lobbyists. Now, those seeking a sense of community through shared “exceptionalities” (behaviors or disabilities that fall outside of mainstream) have become “special interests”, in the sense of expecting the mainstream to accommodate them. If their demands stopped at “reasonable accommodation” I would not argue. But as we clearly see with the LGBTQ+ militants, accommodation morphs eventually into approbation, the demands for which punish the mainstream who aren’t convinced that the vast majority should totally accommodate the demands of a tiny minority.

A sense of community is essential to emotional wellbeing. Churches and other worship communities, civic and service clubs, professional associations and the like are positive communities, both in their effects and what ties the community together. It’s no coincidence that most of our high profile ideological murders are committed by rootless young men with no positive community ties. If any group of people whose situation leaves them feeling like they are outside of the mainstream, and decide they want to call themselves a “community”, that’s their right. When they use that right to club the rest of the country into submission, then what is it?

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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