Monetizing hatred of hate.

It was a very good bad year for hate, good year for $$

Quick, who was Morris Dees? Too hard a question? Second chance, who founded the self-styled “hate group monitor, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)? Okay, let’s go for 1 out of 3. Which poverty loving “law center” based in the southern US discovered how lucrative outing hate groups could be? Now you’re cooking. Go for 2 out of 4? Great, you’re a trooper. Which “law center” realized that they could monetize hatred of Christianity and conservatism by calling both Christian and conservative groups “hate groups “? Outstanding, now you’re at 50%. Get one more right and you pass. Which above named group found that hatred of Christians and conservatives is far more profitable than hatred of atheists and liberals? 60%! You go, baby.

If its balance sheet is any indication, Donald Trump’s presidency has been very good for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC’s already impressive endowment grew a staggering 35 percent in fiscal year 2017 to more than $432 million. Including operating funds, total assets topped $477 million as of October 31, 2017. Total revenues and gains in fiscal 2017 exceeded $180 million, more than triple the organization’s expenses for the year, of just under $60 million.” Washington Examiner.

Some of the legitimate Christian or conservative advocacy organizations designated as hate groups: Alliance Defending Freedom, American College of Pediatricians, American Family Association, Family Research Council, Liberty Council, Pacific Justice Institute, Traditional Values Coalition. The reason given for “hate” status? They all challenge the LGBTQ dogmas! They are lumped together with a bunch of Aryan Brotherhood chapters, Nation of Islam, White Lives Matter (but Black Lives Matter didn’t get included), KKK, National Socialist Movement, New Black Panthers and the like.

The SPLC has over 100 lawyers on their payroll. Just what the world needs more of! Who is Morris Dees? The SPLC’s legendary founder is currently on his sixth wife, basically a sleazy Southern TV preacher type, but one who long ago figured out that poor Southern Baptists had less money to send him than rich Northern liberals. This junk-mail genius realized he could monetize the regional, ethnic, and class hatreds directed against his own people. This is what’s called a cosmic joke. The SPLC, which Perfectionist Progressives idolize, founded by the kind of person they hate the most, a southern TV preacher! But he’s okay, because of the sleazy part I guess. Hmm, who’s the joke on?