Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. DEI GRATIA means “by the grace of God”.

D.E.I. is anything but the grace of God, but I wanted to play a word game with the letters. Buzzfeed.com published Mr. Gender Bender’s letter to parents of children who stare at him. “But one type of attention stands out above the rest: the attention of confused children. I first started noticing it when I moved to New York City at the age of 22. I was reminded of this attention again the other weekend, when I traveled from Los Angeles to Florida for a queer conference at the Orlando Hilton resort. But the most common reaction was that your children, upon noticing my gender expression, turned to you and exclaimed something like, ‘Mommy, that boy is wearing lipstick!’ or ‘Look, Dad! Look at what he’s wearing!’ After your kids called your attention to my gender expression, you all did pretty much the same thing. You looked my way, made eye contact with me, became swiftly embarrassed yourselves, and told your kids that ‘It’s not nice to talk about strangers.’

Parents, I’ve decided that we need to have a little chat, because you can do better than that. You have to do better. You owe it to me, to the trans community, and to your kids’ emotional development to do better. Parents of the world, I’d like to suggest a better paradigm for handling this situation when it inevitably arises again. The next time your child turns to you and says, ‘Look! That boy is wearing lipstick!’ or ‘That girl is wearing a bowtie!’ don’t shut down the conversation by telling them not to talk about strangers. Instead, try answering the question that they’re really asking; try talking to them about the beautiful diversity of gender expression in our world.You’ve decided WE need to have a chat? Thanks for your parental advice, but I think I’ll pass. However, in the interest in D.E.I., let’s take a swing at my having a conversation–a teaching moment with my daughters–when they were young.

This story comes to us from the UK, where a school in East Sussex decided they needed to ban all “gendered” clothing in order to not offend the sensibilities of transgender students (are you listening, gender bender guy?). That meant girls would have to wear pants at all times (gender bender guy says, “may I still wear a dress, as long as I don’t shave?”). The school decided the best course of action was to literally lock the gates and not allow girls who had skirts on to enter the school. That boiled into a protest of over 150 kids, mostly girls wearing skirts. A huge crowd demonstrated with banners outside Lewes Priory, in East Sussex, demanding the school reverses its gender neutral policy banning girls from wearing skirts. Sussex Police were brought in to help control the planned protests and officers were seen standing guard at the entrance checking uniforms. But many students found they couldn’t attend classes on their first day of term, after teachers closed the main gates when the crowd gathered outside.

The demonstration comes after the school announced in 2017 that all students were required to wear trousers, after ‘concerns’ were raised over the length of skirts and to accommodate transgender pupils. Doesn’t quite seem to jibe with their website’s description: Priory School, Lewes is an 11-16 mixed comprehensive school. We are proud of the highly successful rounded education we provide. At Priory we have a longstanding history of academic excellence within a culture of strong pastoral care. Priory is a school where students are expected to work hard and as a result make excellent progress. We believe in balancing the pursuit of academic excellence with the well-being of our community. Our broad curriculum offer reflects the community we serve. Priory School is well regarded and is consistently oversubscribed. Our school aims to reflect the uniqueness of Lewes, historically and socially.

A high school in North Carolina is under fire for an assignment entitled “Diversity Inventory” that left students crying and parents outraged. Heritage High School English teacher Melissa Wilson gave out an assignment to her class last week that asked them to categorize themselves, their parents, their doctor, friends, and more by race, class, sexuality, and religion, among other things. North Carolina Values Coalition reports. “Students were also asked to stand up, and walk towards posters in different areas of the room that correlated with their sexual identities. Another student had a friend who had recently shared very private information about themselves to a select number of their peers, and went white when the teacher asked students to now stand and reveal their private identities.” When the students expressed discomfort, the teacher’s response was to tell them it was alright because “she used to be Catholic and is now a bi-sexual atheist.” Well, excuse meee. I guess it’s okay then.

The teachers at this school district are involved in a district-sponsored program called WCPSS Equity. This office promotes a far-left “social justice” curriculum written by the controversial anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center. The assignment, created by Wilson, is taken from lessons found on a website founded by the SPLC called Tolerance.org. The district also contributes to Tolerance.org via articles written by at least one staff member, assistant superintendant of WCPSS, Rodney Trice, who wrote: “Equity work is not a one-off professional development training or an office that works in isolation. This work requires embedded and systemic shifts. Diversity, equity and inclusion must be infused within the very fabric of your organization, school or district. The transportation department needs to be operating with an equity lens just as much as an academic department, and so on. While traditional leadership is top-down, equity leadership looks more like a lattice—everyone from families to support staff to educators all the way to the school board must be in.” If you aren’t, you’re a bigoted transphobic moron who doesn’t deserve to take up space on this planet! He really wouldn’t be thinking that, would he?

Does this school intend to churn out nothing but politically and culturally brainwashed students? If so, they must necessarily target for censorship any dissenting voices. One wonders how Christian students fare in Ms. Wilson’s class. The Tolerance.org website is full of far-left propaganda, including lessons about gender that are completely unscientific and based in the far-left fantasy that biological boys can be girls and biological girls can be boys. The site also gives away grants to schools that use their radical teaching materials. Is this how the SPLC spends the massive contributions? (see my Monetizing Hatred of Hate post)

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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