Fun with the Celebrity Impeachment “taskforce”.

The Democratic Coalition “Impeachment Task Force” is riddledstudded with liberal celebrities to protect lawmakers seeking to hold Trump “accountable for his betrayal of America.” The task force, designed to lead rapid response to Trump during the impeachment inquiry, has confirmed members: “cheerful” Rosie O’Donnell; “respectful” Tom Arnold, “happy jack” Ron Perlman, “gaySulu” George Takei, “thoughtful” Debra Messing and “brainiac” Alyssa Milano. The task force launched a fundraising effort and basic plan on Thursday. The wealthy celebs pledged to contribute their two cents. The group has already started meeting and is set to go live with its website next week. Other confirmed, less famous task force members are Stefan Lessard, Grant Stern, Lea Black, “transphobic” Martina Navratilova. That group, other than Martina, aren’t famous enough for me to make up prefixes for their names (what I mean is, I’m too lazy to look up who they even are). Celebrities in the left-wing movement The Resistance and VoteVets will be involved, as well as Frank Figliuzzi, Renato Mariotti, Andrew Gillum, former David Jolly, Fred Guttenberg, Peter Morley and Ady Barkan. If you’ve never heard of them, join the club. This might be their 15 minutes of fame. They wanted Bobby “polite” DeNiro, but he’s in court defending himself against the $12 million lawsuit by former assistant Graham Chase Robinson, for groping, threatening and cursing her. Yes, Graham is a cisgender female. I mean, if Bobby groped a male, his Goodfellas costars would have to take him out. Mafioso’s don’t grope men! They also wanted “A-list wishful” Kathy Griffin, but only if she brought with her an autographed photo of herself with the bloody disembodied head of Donald Trump. Why not add additional intellectual heft by naming “steady-eddie” Greta Thunberg an honorary member? Besides that, her face fits so well.

They say “it aims to utilize The Democratic Coalition’s massive (their word, mine is “missive”) social media following to protect House Democrats in the front lines of the impeachment inquiry on Trump.” Protect them? From whom? Certainly not Antifa, unless they fail to impeach. Notice the quasi military terminology: taskforce, rapid response. What’s next, instead of the Impeachment taskforce, they could christen themselves Seal Team Six, since the latter is now known as DevGru (Development Group, quite a euphemism for our premier anti-terrorist assassins). I doubt that any of the members ever served in our military, but then neither did Trump, but I digress….as usual.

Do you all understand what impeachment means? Not much, really. The House of Representatives votes on impeaching, which is essentially indicting, or charging with a crime. If it passes, they send the articles of impeachment, the charges, to the Senate for the trial. In our entire history, only Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached, but neither was removed from office. Richard Nixon resigned rather than go through impeachment, since he really feared he would be removed. Isn’t it marvelous, that in a nation of this size, complexity and influence, over 243 years, that there has never been a coup, nor has any President been removed, despite all the partisanship, posturing and pandering? I doubt that President Trump will be the first. I even doubt that the House can agree on the charges. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing, another Mueller moment….or is senior moment the correct name?

Oh yeah, a small problem will crop up if the trial in the Senate happens. In trials, witnesses get called, cross examined, often embarrassed. Doug Wilson’s take is interesting: “In the course of a Senate trial, the Senate, controlled by Republicans, will be able to subpoena anyone they want. They will be able to call, and place under oath, anyone they want. Mitch McConnell will be in charge of that. Think of what a gaudy line of witnesses we might be able to see and hear on the teevee live. McCabe. Comey. Clapper. Brennan. Hillary. Page. Strzok. Biden, both of them. More than a few people would wind up with a threat of jail time, and when that prospect became apparent, as it is already becoming apparent, the facade will crack, and they will start turning on one another.”

The whole farce will either strengthen Trump or, if he were actually removed, would create a Pence presidency. As Taki puts it, “the godfathers in the U.S. are trying to get their turf back after a nobody from Queens came in from left field and is top banana. It’s as simple as a that.” Does Mike Pence even have a Twitter account?