Modern Love vs. Ford v. Ferrari vs. Chick Fil-A.

From David Cole’s review of Ford v. Ferrari: “2019 was supposed to be Hollywood’s year of Intersectional Diversity, but the handful of good films—such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Joker, The Irishman, and now Ford v Ferrari—keep turning out to be period pieces about straight white men made for straight white men by straight white men. While sizable opening-weekend audiences gave this buddy picture an A+ CinemaScore grade, presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s media empire was incensed by it. Hannah Elliott complained in Bloomberg that the hit film dared to lack today’s obligatory Diversity-Inclusion-Equity (DIE):

‘But what I saw is a devastating picture of the lack of diversity that permeated the industry in the 1960s…. Because ‘Ford v Ferrari’ shows a generation best left dead and gone. Picture this: …men dominate the screen for 98% of the time, by my unofficial count. They are in the executive suites at Ford and Ferrari, in the workshops and garages in Venice, on the track out at Willow Springs Raceway. (And when I say men, I mean white, straight men.’)” Hey Hannah, I normally don’t write the F-bomb in my blog, but for you, I make an exception. Fuck you Hannah!

“Devastating picture of lack of diversity.” Well, excuse-mee, the Ford that went 218 mph way back in 1965 was built by white, straight men. Tough shit if you don’t like it! Cole continues: The critique I heard most often about ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ could easily apply here: This is a film celebrating those nostalgic golden days when white men ruled. Ford v Ferrari is the largely true story of the corporate rivalry to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race during the Peak America years of 1963–1966. Strikingly, the filmmakers avoided almost all concessions to contemporary social justice fetishes. The only adjustment was to drop all mention of Shelby’s lurid love life (he was married seven times) and concentrate solely upon Miles’ decorous marriage. The movie is full of talk of ‘redlining,’ for instance, but it’s about the risk of burning out the engine by revving it over 7000 RPM, not about discriminatory FHA loans. No nonwhite or non-male characters were concocted to make the history more palatable to today’s anti-white-male prejudices. In summary, straight white men just keep ruining things for everybody else by having more talent and getting more done.”

Then there’s the new Amazon video series Modern Love. With such a title, audiences might be forgiven for expecting “contemporary social justice fetishes.” I was, but what a totally pleasant surprise! Fathers, elderly people and bipolar disease sufferers were treated with respect and admiration in eight monumentally memorable episodes. Yes, there was diversity: mixed race dating, mixed race friendships, and homosexual parenting were each handled with intelligence, sensitivity and depth. I suppose the closest equivalent on network TV is This Is Us, but that show had to deal with the inevitable decline in depth, according to the formula intelligence = inversely proportional to the number of episodes. The important thing, to me, about Modern Love, was that quality of both entertainment and edification is not related to diversity or any other social justice theme, but neither was diversity a drag on it. See it!

You may wonder what Chick Fil-A has to do with either Modern Love or Ford v. Ferrari. Some backstory here: CF-A is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in chicken, prepared with care and love. Yes, love. CF-A also has a foundation which contributed to worthy causes, like the Salvation Army and the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA), until recently. While they are a truly equal opportunity employer, and deliver great food and value to all customers, that’s not good enough for the lgbtq gestapo, who spread lies that the causes that the CF-A foundation donated to were “anti-gay.” Can I get another fuck you in? Anyway, when CF-A tried to open their first store in formerly Great, but now just Britain, in London, the LGBTQ mafia organized massive protests against the American chicken purveyors, tarring them with the “anti-gay” brush, which was completely false, but who cares about truth when your identity is wrapped up in sticking your sexual organ into the sewer pipe of waste expulsion. Yes, that’s yet another fuck you, a record I may never eclipse. At least two US airports—San Antonio, Texas and Buffalo, NY—have banned CFA from opening, thus signaling potential customers that self righteous queer-loving or fearing government bureaucrats who hate truth would rather curry favor with the lgbtq gestapo-mafia than represent either truth or their constituents, why should we be surprised that the land of blancmange and kidney pie protested a superior cuisine? Okay Brits, stick with the world’s blandest food.

Anyway, CF-A recently announced that they will suspend donations to Salvation Army and FCA. They are a franchised business, after all, and want to expand without dealing with boycotts and lies, and while I wish they would have announced their own, polite version of fuck you to the lgbtq assholes, I can understand their greater loyalty to franchisees and stockholders. Now, the main lesson here is, support what you want to signal approval of, and boycott what you disapprove of. If the CF-A protests had resulted in dramatic increases in customers and sales, who knows whether CF-A would have stood stronger. You can still vote with your dollars for the movie Ford v. Ferrari, telling Hannah Elliott and her ilk, fuck you. As for watching Modern Love, I still recommend it.