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A blessing for the gene pool?

My contrarian commentary is in bold. The following table levels are from the announcement, on Planned Infanticide Parenthood’s website, of the 2020 Roe v. Wade Luncheon, which celebrates the 47th anniversary of the Supreme Court finding a right of privacy, which immediately mutated to the right of infanticide, in the Constitution. The decision was better known as the Roe vs. Wade.


Roe v. Wade Visionary, celebrating the 47th anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision: $47,000. Gee, I would rather buy a Hummer H3, and drive it over the table! Legacy Sponsor: $30,000. Movement Maker: $15,000. Advocate: $3,000. Fierce Friend: $1500. Underwriter Ticket: $500. Since I won’t be attending, I am sending my contributions, my contrarian opinions, via this post.

New York started last year with a euphemistically named Reproductive Health Act, which is Newspeak for “Destroying As Many Babies and Mothers’ Mental Health As Possible Act.The act effectively denies the personhood of the unborn, creates loopholes for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, and loosens the qualifications for medical practitioners who can perform the procedure. The legislation cements the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision into New York state law. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act on Jan. 22, 2019, the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, setting the tone for a year of polarizing abortion legislation. The city celebrated by lighting up One World Trade Center in pink. Radical Islamists cheered the symbolism, Allah Akbar, that New York condones killing many more Americans than any amount of W.T.C. suicide planes, and is repurposing the monument erected to commemorate the brave first responders who risked their lives so that others could live, to celebrate societal suicide as a right.

Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Ohio passed “heartbeat” bills—laws to ban abortion after the baby has a detectable heartbeat. Before Gov. Brian Kemp signed the Georgia “heartbeat” bill in May, a group of Hollywood actors signed a joint letter and sent it to the governor, promising to boycott Georgia should the heartbeat bill pass: “We can’t imagine being elected officials who had to say to their constituents ‘I enacted a law that was so evil, it chased billions of dollars out of our state’s economy.’ It’s not the most effective campaign slogan, but rest assured we’ll make it yours should it come to pass.As this letter plainly demonstrates, Hollywood actors’ imagination stops once there’s no teleprompter or script to follow, so they default to the lowest common denominator position. As for a law declaring that a baby with a heartbeat deserves to live being evil, these actors must be living in one of their own snuff films. If protecting babies with a heartbeat is evil, how do you define good?

San Francisco blacklisted 22 states with pro-life laws and announced the city would not do business with them. That was actually in response to most other states blacklisting San Francisco from the First World due to the city being a public health hazard and the “lifestyle crimescapitol of the United States. Illinois’ state government followed in New York’s footsteps and passed its own version of the Reproductive Health Act, effectively undoing all previous pro-life legislation in Illinois and establishing it as a destination for abortion seekers. Recognizing that Chicago is one of the most unsafe cities in the country for anyone not wearing body armor, Illinois now extends Chicago-level murder to the rest of the state. Vermont’s law prevents the state government from putting any restrictions on abortion, and Maine’s law allows physician assistants and some nurses to perform the procedure. Here I thought Vermont’s and Maine’s population problem was too few people. Would Bernie Sanders’ mother have aborted him if Vermont had such a law in 1941? If so, that’s one argument in favor.

You might say, at this point, Uncle Curmudgeon, I thought you were a Christian, how can you be so mean? Try this idea on: While every human being is created in God’s image, He does periodically purge the most corrupt and blasphemous specimens from the land of the living. Who’s to say that the people killing their own babies, as well as their enablers, aren’t the present day Canaanites, sacrificing their children to Moloch? Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones. And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name. And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not, Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people. Leviticus 20:2-5.

If pro aborts and their allies are the modern children of Moloch, perhaps we should bless their efforts to kill their own. They can’t even complain about what I just wrote, because it’s what they are campaigning for. Neither my wife nor I, nor anyone we consider friends, would ever kill their own babies, and we have supported efforts to discourage the Moloch worshipers from killing their own. Might that effort be futile? Consider University of Colorado philosopher David Boonin writing in Beyond Roe: Why abortion should be legalEven If The Fetus Is A Person. His argument is “laws that protect the unborn involve letting a person who ‘Has no right to use it’, use another person’s body.” Let that “philosophy” sink in. Mothers, didn’t you realize that your children were misappropriating your bodies? Boonin is tacitly approving of murder, since his statement, taken literally, admits the “fetus” is a person. Why should Christians be fined or go to jail for trying to save others’ babies? Maybe it’s time to reconsider.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

2 thoughts on “The Contrarian Curmudgeon.”

  1. I also have entertained the cynical thought that, if all the pro-abortion people kill off their next generation, then soon the pro-life people will be an overwhelming majority and will be able to correct the laws of the land. Of course the pro-abortion people try to hijack public education, entertainment, and other industries, intending to change the thinking of our children and grandchildren to their position. More important, the lives of babies are worth saving even when their parents are murderous fools. J.


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