Is your social network or peer group elite?

You probably don’t think of your social network, or peer group, in such terms. Let me rephrase then. “Do you think your group has the obligation, right or authority to inform others how to think, or what thoughts and speech are acceptable?” No? Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine you are the chairperson for a campus speakers’ bureau, and you and your cohorts vote on whom to invite for guest lectures, but your group also has “right of refusal” or “approval” of speakers invited by other campus organizations. Are you getting an inkling of where I’m headed?

“Disinvitations” of previously invited speakers: The following graphs are self-explanatory. They are all indications of my definition of elitism: The belief that you possess superior wisdom and ethics, and therefore have the right, the obligation and the authority to control what others get to see or hear!

This kind of elitism–close-minded, egotistical, self-righteous- is anti-freedom, anti-truth, anti-choice, and has no place on campus nor anywhere that promotes the idea of a “free interchange of views.”