Young, stupid and pale.

they worked hard in their college classes, where they learned about how to hate white people and stuff

Rick Moran, “No, all you stupid college kids cavorting on Florida beaches for spring break, swapping spit and other bodily fluids. You are not invincible. It’s so simple even a brainwashed, indoctrinated college kid should be able to figure it out. You can play Russian Roulette with your own life if you want, but have mercy on the rest of us and do as you’re told: stay away from crowds and party at home.I would add, get tested before seeing mom and dad….unless you don’t care about being the carrier of their death.

In general, the U.S. experience largely mimics China’s, with the risk for serious disease and death from Covid-19 rising with age. But in an important qualification, an  analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Wednesday underlines a message that infectious disease experts have been emphasizing: Millennials  are not invincible. The new data show that up to one-fifth of infected people ages 20-44 have been hospitalized, including 2%-4% who required treatment in an intensive care unit. Still feel like rolling the dice? Here’s more on your odds. Still, the most severe cases, and the highest rates of death, are among the elderly. Although 17% of the U.S. population is 65 or older, 31% of cases were in that age group, CDC experts concluded in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. While it is possible that the elderly have more chances to be infected than younger people, such as by living in nursing homes, that is considered unlikely, since younger adults encounter many others at work and school.

Then there is the Twitter video featuring (they really use their names???) Brady Sluder: “If I get Corona, I get Corona; at the end of the day I’m not going to let it stop me. I’ve been waiting for Miami spring break for months. Whatever happens, happens.” Really brave words. What will you say when dad is on a ventilator? Brianna Leeder: “This closing the bars is really messing up my spring break, what else is there to do?” If only the virus could talk like Steve Martin. “Excuse meee, I hate to mess with your spring break. I just want you to introduce me to your parents.” Atlantis Walker: “We need refunds. There’s more important things to address, like hunger and poverty.” Great dude, shows how politically aware you are while you’re doing stuff that can kill you…or your mom or dad. Keep up the righteous indignation. Shelby Cordell: “I just turned 21 and I’ve planned to party for months! We’re hanging out with another group at our Airbnb, getting drunk and having fun.” Don’t forget swapping spit. Bryson Taylor: “Stuff happens, we’re just living for the moment…” Stuff happens all right, like an “accident” while you’re driving high on weed at 80 mph on black ice. Was that an accident—”stuff”—or old garden variety stupidity?

President Trump: “We don’t want young people gathering, and I see they do gather, including on beaches, including in restaurants. Young people, they’re feeling invincible … but they don’t realize that they can be carrying lots of bad things home to grandmother and grandfather and even their parents. So we want them to heed the advice. We mean the advice. And I think it’s getting through.”

Megan Fox, “The young idiots on spring break who just want to get drunk and debauched are defying orders to social distance and stay inside to avoid the latest plague China has unleashed on the world. They don’t care if they make this outbreak thousands of times worse, they worked hard in their college classes, where they learned about how to hate white people and stuff. Considering most of these buffoons are white, I’m starting to hate them too. Whoever raised these morons should go collect them and then put a padlock on their bedroom doors. Meet the first college generation that no one would want on ‘Girls Gone Wild Spring Break Edition.’ But it isn’t just the girls. The boys look pretty terrible too. Why do these young people look so unhealthy and sick? I’m guessing it’s the birth control pills for the girls, causing the weight gain and bad skin, but the boys just need to get out in the sun and do some hard chores. They’re soft and pale and weak. I’m not sure why they’re not worried about the Chinese WuFlu, because none of them look healthy enough to survive it. You go, Megan, I love your candor!

Yeah, young, stupid and pale, soft and weak. Why do they look like they were just released from the ICU?

Quarantined for love….the new hookup(?)

Whatever happened to fear of AIDS?

NY Post, March 17, 2020: “Gone are the days of casual hookups: City dwellers aren’t seeking flings but bunker buddies. ‘If it’s end of days we can at least go satisfied, and if we live through it then we have an interesting story to share for the rest of our lives‘ reads one Craigslist post for an isolation mate by a 42-year-old business professional who includes their height, weight and that they’re ‘dd’ (drug and disease) free.

Would love to connect with someone, gather some food, necessities and hide together, we can get to know each other, have some fun while doing it,” writes the Queens-based searcher. Others are offering up provisions in exchange for love in the time of coronavirus.

Before we all get put into quarantine let’s live together,” a Bay Ridge-based individual writes in a Craigslist post seeking to quarantine and chill. “I am looking for a live in situation and you can have room rent free. I am very well stocked up on food and beverages.” In another post, a 63-year-old man is looking for “Westchester/Bronx only” women to quarantine with him. But first, they must “meet up for coffee and discuss this.” Sorry dude, you can’t “meet up” inside the coffeeshop. Today I went through a Starbucks drive-through, got my nitro coldbrew, then sat in my car outside the building for an hour, close enough to use their wifi. The baristas were happier than usual because they had a steady, manageable flow of drive-through customers, without the usual crush of impatient customers

One woman is using the concept of a wanted ad for a “Coronavirus Quarantine Boyfriend,” simply to gain Instagram followers — but was inundated with real applicants. “I didn’t expect to get 100, 150 applications that were serious through Craigslist,” says 32-year-old Kelly Lions, who found herself swamped with potential BFs after posting a call for a “Covid-19 boyfriend (2 weeks max).” In addition to describing herself as “an attractive ~30 yo professional female,” Lions also offers “Purell + lots of TP, a sunny apt with south facing windows,” in her writeup. Lots of TP? What is our society’s fascination with toilet paper anyway??? In addition to the Craigslist responses, she also got some 200-300 responses on Instagram. “People were serious,” Lions tells The Post, adding that she totally understood why people would be “freaking out” at the possibility of a solo quarantine.“I love that all the responses, they always started with the fact that they had Netflix accounts,” she says. I don’t suppose anyone wrote about their home library. You know, that reading thing. Well, maybe you don’t, you’re 30.

Despite some singles taking drastic measures amid the outbreak, 92% of people are dating as normal, according to OkCupid. Although with NYC’s bars, restaurants and nightclubs now shuttered for the foreseeable future, it’s unclear how much longer that statistic will hold true. “Dating as normal”? You mean swiping right, or sexting….what is normal in 2020?

From the CDC: Below is the per-capita infection rate for each state. So, for example, right now you’ll see 4,232 for New York City. That is NOT THE NUMBER OF INFECTIONS. That means it is 1 infection for every 4,232 people. Nationwide, there is 1 infection for every 31,471 people currently. The numbers are going to change as testing ramps up. That is to be expected. Do not panic when you see the spike this coming week. They are expecting it.

New York     4,232
Washington     6,415
Louisiana     17,811
District of Columbia     18,096
New Jersey     20,801
Colorado     26,661
Massachusetts     27,146
Maine     30,550
NATIONWIDE     31,471
Rhode Island     32,102
New Hampshire     34,864
Wyoming     36,172
Connecticut     37,138
Delaware     37,452
Georgia     40,525
Illinois     43,999
Nevada     48,891
Vermont     51,999
Wisconsin     54,929
Oregon     56,236
Maryland     56,502
Mississippi     59,523
California     60,602
Minnesota     63,367
Tennessee     69,726
Nebraska     71,645
Florida     71,832
New Mexico     74,887
Utah     80,149
South Dakota     80,424
Arkansas     81,563
Iowa     83,028
South Carolina     85,812
Montana     89,065
Virginia     90,803
Alabama     96,141
Pennsylvania     96,256
North Carolina     108,125
North Dakota     108,866
Alaska     121,924
Michigan     124,836
Oklahoma     127,644
Kentucky     127,648
Ohio     132,831
Kansas     138,729
Hawaii     141,587
Indiana     172,621
Idaho     179,207
Missouri     255,726
Arizona     269,582
Texas     349,348
West Virginia     357,429

My next post will profile Spring Break idiots, and the fact that 20% of hospitalizations are ages 20-44!

The “prisoner’s dilemma” of pandemics.

“Gay” winter festival, Miami. Maybe don’t hug your parents now…..

The Winter Party Festival, an annual, week long LGBTQ event held in Miami, drew thousands from across the country when it kicked off earlier this month. But though it ended March 10, in the week following the event several attendees have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to festival organizers. (NBC)

Steve Berman, writing for “Do you know what the ‘prisoner’s dilemma’ is? In short, it’s a game theory involving cooperation and rational people doing the wrong thing. Here’s how it goes: two prisoners are separated in their own rooms and cannot communicate. They are offered a deal to rat out the other prisoner, and if the other prisoner stays silent, they go free. If they both rat each other out, they both serve two years. If they both stay silent, they each serve one year.

“Pretty simple. You’d think they’d both stay silent, do their year, and let bygones be bygones. But that almost never happens, because it’s not the rational choice to obtain the best outcome. The rational choice is to rat out and assume the other guy will be silent, which means they both rat each other out and end up with the worst outcome. We are in a similar dilemma on Coronavirus. The facts are the facts here. The virus cannot speak, negotiate, or surrender. It’s a virus, and its properties are fairly set (unless it mutates, but we won’t go there). If we do nothing, with an R0 (R-Naught) of around 2.3-2.8, it will continue to exponentially increase until in a few weeks, those turning up with symptoms will overwhelm our hospitals. We will be like parts of Italy.

At this point, we have a choice. We can cooperate and take draconian measures for social distancing, which has its own punishment. We will be home with our kids, no eating out, cancelled trips, no partying, no gym, no visiting. We may have some local shortages if an outbreak hits the area where we live. Or we can decide everyone else will get the virus, and if we’re young and healthy, we can ride it out. We can be like the young people in Nashville, packing the bars like nothing is wrong. We can be like those who tell the authorities, “you’re not the boss of me” and do whatever they please. We can be like Mayor Bill de Blasio who tweeted ‘I live in the regular world’ after refusing to shut down NYC gyms.

“The virus doesn’t care about your gym, or your school, or your job, or your paycheck. We are left with the classic prisoner’s dilemma. We can cooperate, and flatten the curve, so that the virus doesn’t overwhelm our health care capabilities. Or we can betray each other and watch the worst outcome play out before our eyes. Cooperation will mean at the end we will let bygones be bygones, and the past be the past. We can’t replay ‘what if’ to see what would have happened had we ‘lived in the regular world.’ To us, it will seem like all this was a tempest in a teapot–a massive overreaction, because we cannot know what would have happened if we ratted each other out. But this game, like the prisoner’s dilemma, is played in the open. We know the rules because we know what this virus does. We know what ‘it will do if we don’t cooperate’.

“There is really only one rational choice here, and it’s to cooperate. We don’t get to go free if the other person remains silent, because the virus isn’t playing the game. If half of Americans choose to ignore the warnings and continue life as usual, we will all lose. We will never really know what we avoided, but we will know that cooperation was the best, and only path in this dilemma.

That’s one man’s rational, mature perspective. Then there is Spring Break!

Spring break: No one’s the boss of meeee………

March 17, 2020: Defying concerns about the rapid spread of the coronavirus, vacationers in Florida have crowded a popular beach in the central part of the state, gathering in large numbers even as authorities have warned that such behavior risks amplifying the disease to a considerable degree. Photographs show hundreds of beachgoers swimming in the water and laying in the sand. Local media have reported that municipal authorities may vote to close the beaches on Thursday as a public health measure. Multiple other localities such as Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale have already announced beach closings. Florida has confirmed nearly 200 coronavirus cases and three deaths as of Tuesday afternoon.

The spread of an infectious disease from its country of origin is a complicated process involving many factors, but at its core, it is related to the movement of people.

Newsweek report, as of March 15: Why such a low # of cases in Russia? Also, it is interesting that in the 15 countries that share land or sea borders with China (shown in bold), only 310 cases have been reported. Only India has reported more than 100 cases and 10 countries have reported between zero and five cases. Given that many of these countries have significant trade and travel relationships with China the low level of cases is surprising.

coronavirus cases

Folks are gonna do what they gonna do…until they don’t. Now’s the time to put others, and society first…..