Let’s throw a Coronavirus party.

The party or the epidemic?

In Kentucky, at least 160 people have tested positive for COVD-19 — including one person who attended a “coronavirus party.” Yes, shockingly, someone who attended a party mocking the virus causing the current pandemic has contracted said virus. The Kentucky coronavirus party was reportedly composed of young adults in their 20s, and more people who attended are expected to test positive as well, as large gatherings in close quarters are a hotbed for transmission. The aim of the party was to reject instructions of social distancing and refute the severity of the coronavirus, which is clearly not ending well for party goers. But unfortunately, Kentucky isn’t the only coronavirus hub dealing with this kind of outright protest that is spreading the virus. In Connecticut, after a large farewell party in early March, the town of Westport experienced a massive spike in COVID-19 cases. The party is being referred to as “party zero” because the 40 attendees scattered across the county when they left, carrying the virus with them. In South Korea, one churchgoer — known as Patient 31 — can be tied to over 60 percent of the country’s cases. But the reckless 20-somethings at the party (and the ones on Spring Break) may be the exception rather than the norm. In fact, experts say young people actually seem more likely to take quarantine and isolation recommendations seriously than their parents, for a variety of reasons that include older folks having lived through many things and therefore assuming this won’t be so bad and younger people having a lot more years ahead of them that could be negatively affected by this pandemic.

But some boomers have become a source of frustration for their friends and family as they disregard the dangers of this pandemic. Now boomers aren’t going to parties on the beach, but many are failing to take this situation seriously. Their children are turning to social media in droves to vent about their parents who just don’t get it. So here are some tweets that are making kids say, “Come on, really??”: Disney Elle, “My fricken 60-something year old mom is MOCKING the dang virus! She actually threw a COVID PARTY. Can’t get her to take it seriously. What’s up with hard headed Boomers?!” Jenna says, “trying to explain to my boomer parents how serious this virus is and all my mom had to say was “we increased our vitamin intake so we’ll be fine. How do I gently explain that her ignorance could get her very ill.” Seyonce Knowles, “Are any of y’all’s baby boomer ass parents saying that this is a conspiracy theory. My dad is running me ragged. If I catch this virus know that it was his fault. Because he won’t chill the f**k out.” Allie Monster, “Man, if you wanna piss off boomers just tell them this is going to last longer than 2 weeks and watch them implode. My mom stormed out of room when I read science about the virus and it’s spread. My stepdad said it was all crap.” Emily RM, “My mom just said ‘I’m not going to get corona virus so don’t worry about me!’ This is someone who gets bronchitis with every cold, has diabetes and high blood pressure. The arrogance of baby boomers sure is something to see!”

I have found that the simpler the analogy, the more likely it is to yield an accurate prediction, so here goes: The question the most people are asking is, “when will I be advised to, or at least be allowed to, start resuming some semblance of normalcy. Of course, that’s unknown, but let’s start with a common science fiction plot. The world has retreated to underground bunkers, due to some combination of toxic pollution, nuclear radiation, chemical rainfall, or infection which makes life on the surface deadly, but not instantly. Depending on age, health and income, breathing the air will kill you in anywhere between 5 minutes and 5 hours, or not at all if you’re immune (but you don’t know if you are). To make matters worse, you can get particles of the toxicity on you and infect others. Inside the typical bunker, all the normal tensions arise between people living together, or with too much unproductive time, “cabin fever” to the Nth degree. No one is alive outside to test the air for viability nor to advise when its safe to come out, nor do the individual bunkers don’t have such capabilities. In this scenario, what, if anything, is inevitable?

The more adventurous, bored or wishful of the shut-ins will soon decide to take their chances, or adopt a fantasy philosophy of “what the heck” or “it won’t be me” (like in Vietnam, just before a combat assault, everyone figures it will be the guy next to them). Little by little, these venture out, first for a few minutes at a time, then longer and longer. Some stay out too long, and die. Others wander away and no one knows what happened to them. Some bunkers will bar the “early adventurers” from getting back in, but that’s not enough of a deterrent to those leaving. When they don’t come back—they either died or found out there was no problem any longer—more will venture out, throwing caution away. The end result will be, the bunkers will empty, as people start to figure, “if I’m going to die anyway, and I will if I have to stay here much longer, it’s better to die outside than in here.”

How does that scenario relate to the Coronavirus shelter in place reality? I believe that regardless of what the authorities say, at least in our country, it won’t be much longer, perhaps just weeks, that even responsible people will say, “enough!” Businesses will gradually respond to increasing demand, escalating the exodus from our bunkers, and government will have neither the will nor the resources to stop it. They will hope the curve has adequately flattened. Our industrial and technological capacity will expand to fulfill needs and demand. A lot of people will get sick, some will die, many will discover or develop their immunity, and the pandemic will begin to peter out. The technologies that have responded the most successfully to the needs and demands of consumers will become ascendant. Old ones will fade. My fondest hopes are: 1. Humanity will acknowledge the sovereignty of God. 2. All of us, especially the media and political leaders, will honestly and ruthlessly examine themselves, in preparation for the next crisis.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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