Time to brush up on your chinese cooking?

From Axios.com, April 12, 2020: Chinese authorities are now offering a 9% rebate on the export of animal products, such as edible snakes and turtles, primate meat, beaver and civet musk, and rhino horns, despite banning their domestic trade. Why it matters: Encouraging wild animal sales abroad “could spread the risk to global markets,” according to a Congressional Research Service report. China’s National People’s Congress in February banned the sale and consumption of wild animals in their country. “The prominent problem of recklessly eating wild animals and its potential risk to public health have aroused wide public concern. Although health authorities have yet to identify the precise cause of the [coronavirus] outbreak, a study by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, based on patient samples, found a 96% genetic match with a bat coronavirus. Another Chinese study suggested snakes sold in a Wuhan market were the source.” Source: The Wall St. Journal.

CCP or NPC soon re-opened the Wuhan wet markets in response to demand from customers and vendors. Banned in February, opened again in March. Apparently, the “people”—that mysterious entity that is always trotted out to justify what commies do—just can’t go very long without their alimentary communion with exotic animals. Aren’t those markets just like “farmers’ markets in the U.S.? Sure, except for selling bats, primates, pangolins, civet cats, snakes, and other wild species that are either primary Coronavirus hosts or intermediary hosts (between the animals and humans). I have been to numerous farmer’s markets in the U.S. and have not seen a single bat or pangolin for sale. Perhaps that’s private stock for the merchants’ special customers. Nah, not in this country. In fact, aside from fruits, vegetables and homemade preserves and the like, I have rarely seen meat for sale in our farmer’s markets, and in those rare cases, the vendors have usually raised the animals on their own farms and ranches. Note to the CCP: The meat is from “domesticated” animals, like you would prefer your populace and foreign media to be (not animals, domesticated).

Meanwhile, “confirmed” cases worldwide today are 1,771,514 (+79,795
from yesterday); Deaths, 108,503 (+5,978 from yesterday); Recoveries, 402,110.

Top countries by confirmed case count

  1. 1. USA 526,3962. 2. Spain 163,027. 3. Italy 152,271. 4. France 130,727. 5. Germany 124,908. 6. China 83,014. 7. U.K. 79,874. 8. Iran 70,029. 9. Turkey 52,167. 10. Belgium 28,018 11. Switzerland 25,1071. 12. Netherlands 24,571. 13. Canada 23,316. 14. Brazil 20,727. 15. Portugal 15,987.


  1. Spain (3319.33)
  2. Italy (2440.14)
  3. France (1926.80)
  4. USA (1593.34)
  5. Germany (1565.03)
  6. United Kingdom (1214.78)

Here are the top six countries for deaths per million people.

  1. Spain (339.33)
  2. Italy (311.97)
  3. France (204.15)
  4. The United Kingdom (150.42)
  5. USA (61.95)
  6. Iran (52.68)

Second note to the CCP: I don’t think a 9% rebate is going to get those countries on board for your snakes, primate meat, civet musk and rhino horns. While more than 33,000 deaths have been attributed to (the direct result of) terrorist activity of ISIS between 2002-2015, according to the International Business Times, your policies have just killed over three times that number in less than 4 months, not counting all the deaths of your own people that you haven’t reported. China Global Television Network, or CGTN, reports

  1. Five million people left Wuhan in the three weeks before the lockdown;
  2. 30–40 percent, or 1.5–2 million people, left Hubei entirely; and
  3. About 465,000 people flew to the 10 listed cities outside Hubei. The third item conforms to a 520,000-person monthly average in air travel from Hubei and is a direct count. China’s COVID-19 figures are not arithmetically sensible. The conservative figures for migrants’ infection rate and time in circulation before national lockdown, generates an estimate of 2.9 million cases.

Need I mention the 30,000,000-45,000,000 who died of starvation during Mao’s Great Leap Forward? Okay, I won’t mention them.