“Death Walks Behind You” (well me anyway)

My title was an actual song by Atomic Rooster, a 1970’s British progressive rock group (whose drummer, Carl Palmer, helped form Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and who is still drumming up a storm). But it’s also a literal statement of my relationship with death. This is part two of my battles with Merkel Cell Carcinoma, which I wrote about a few days ago. I wrote at the time, that I would update once I knew more about my treatment options. At the time, I had prepared mentally for death, and you can read about why death holds no fear for me…..I have relegated the grim reaper to the rear.

Briefly, allow me to explain the previous sentence. I have gotten immense pleasure from the music of The Peterson family band in these days, yet the music in heaven will put even their music to shame. I see Instagram pictures of gorgeous places which I cannot any longer travel to, but the sights of heaven will render all those scenes as if they are barren wastes. I see videos of fantastic athletes performing feats that I can never aspire to, but heaven will clothe me in an immortal body that never tires or knows pain. Most of all, I will see my savior and the greatest object of my affection (even more than my three daughters) face to face.

Author: iamcurmudgeon

When I began this blog, I was a 70 year old man, with a young mind and a body trying to recover from a stroke, and my purpose for this whole blog thing is to provoke thinking, to ridicule reflex reaction, and provide a legacy to my children.

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